[WTS] [US] Masamune Lv90 , Verethragna Lv85 SAM MNK NIN RDM Full AF3+2...

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    The Account comes with his Full items and Ready to Play !

    ALL Original owner info available( Photo of The Civil ID + Photo of the CD-keys + Email the account ) 100% Safety !!

    Elvaan: male
    Sandy Rank 10
    Jobs Lv90 : SAM90 MNK90 NIN90 WAR90 RDM90 DRK90 BLU80

    All important Abyssites (have almost all of them)
    All important Atmas (have almost all of them)
    All jobs capped merits
    All missions finished except WOTG:Sandswept memories
    All expansions completed
    Assault rank: Captain
    MNK NIN SAM FULL AF2 stored @ npc
    NPC Lv: 70 healer
    Have HP Set with atma for Monk can hit 7500 HP in abysea Altepa !
    360 traverser stones

    Click on the Links for more Screen Shots !!

    RDM Screen Shot


    List of all items


    List of all Merits


    Starting Bid 850$ >> BuyOut 1000$ !!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.