WTS: US: Mage,pally both 85 2 personal bankers + feats not available anymore+ more!

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    Hey there thank you for viewing.

    below is general info about the account:

    mage is my main charecter 12.5K acheivment points + and cata geared with heroic raid gear! Even has the Amani War Bear

    The account has high levels on it.It has feats of strength(many you cant get anymore), GOLD,well over the normal amount of mounts and companion pets in game, the resources to level 4 additional level 85s without any problems, and so much more.

    The account also comes with your very own banker(2 actually in game).and 2 guilds to STORE anything and everything you possibly need( the 2 bankers have them, if you can find any space however ) and this guy is a very well known name on the server You have 2 guilds filled with materials you need to level pretty much any proffesion. and some only require you to spend gold on them.

    Also a very good bonus with this account is that you will also own most of the BOA gear to level anything you wish quicker then normal.

    Upon the purchase of this account i will be sending you the original boxes and all items for this account. Within the boxes will be the account information. as well as anything i have ever bought for the account.(PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THERE IS A STARCRAFT 2 GAME ATTACHED TO THIS ACCOUNT AS WELL AS A SECOND WOW ACCOUNT.)

    The mage has 133 mounts and 140+ companion pets! rare mounts and no loot card mounts or anything like that. Pure sweat and tears to get those things. many are rare and you will be noticed on the server when mounting these bad beasts

    The second wow account has a level 78 warrior on it.

    Back to the main account. my 85 main has armor sets from past play and many novalty items that are worth keeping. as well as much more things on my other characters. (simply to much to list)

    Long story short. You will be receiving the following:
    2 wow accounts both have cata upgrades on them. and are play ready.
    1 Starcraft2 game that can be digitally downloaded from the link on battle.net(a 60 dollar value!!!)

    Never had any problems with blizzard entertainment and all 3 games still have many free options for you to use.(in fact all FREE options for these accounts are still available.)

    im asking 2,000 but i am more then happy to negotiate the price.
    Please ask any questions you may have!

    Im looking for serious offers and will give all info once i have received my payment in full.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.