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    The Perfect account for a career NIN. Kannagi 85, Kikoku 80 (Trial Halfway done, fairly easy one too!) NIN and MNK all AF3+2, many seals that haven't been turned in yet for the other jobs and with the new seal update coming, you can trade all of my extra seals for any seal you want. The Ninja is insane, watch as he literally hundred fists with Kannagi, I can duo most all Abyssea NM's and solo the majority of the low tier ones. All subs leveled for all the jobs preparing for the 99 Cap. I am currently playing on this account as my main so the items will only increase until this is sold. Check item lists below, have a full Blade: Hi set with Hachiryu, and all top tier NIN gear, the best for every slot. Saving all my cruor at the moment for brews.

    Race/Face: Hume Male Face 1 A
    Zilart: Completed
    CoP: Completed
    Assualt: 35 Completed
    ToAU: Shield of Diplomacy
    WoTG: Back to the Beginning
    ACP: Completed
    MKdE: Completed
    Server Xfer: Ready to Go
    SE ID: Linked, Token Disabled
    SE ID Questions/Answers: Have them all
    Information: Available

    Merit Points:
    Max HP: 12/12
    STR: 8/8
    H2H: 8/8
    Katana: 8/8
    Evasion: 4/4
    Enfeebling: 8/8
    Ninjitsu: 8/8
    Enmity Increase: 5/5
    Critical Hit Rate: 5/5

    Counter Rate 5/5
    Kick Attack Rate 5/5
    Formless Strikes 1
    Invigorate 4
    Penance 5/5

    White Mage:
    Cure Cast Time 5/5
    Bar Spell Effect 5/5
    Devotion 4
    Protectra V 1
    Shellra V 5/5

    Store TP 5/5
    Meditate Recast 5/5
    Blade Bash 5/5
    Overwhelm 5/5

    Subtle Blow 5/5
    Hyoton Effect 4
    Doton Effect 2
    Nanja Tool Expertise 5/5
    Katon: San 1
    Huton: San 1
    Doton: San 1
    Raiton: San 1
    Suiton: San 1

    Please contact me with bids. WU for buyers with low feedback, Paypal for buyers with high feedback. Please feel free to check out my TrustWho verification and iTrader!
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