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    Account Details
    OO Info Available
    Server Transfer Available
    Hume Male images.wikia/ffxi/images/9/9d/Hm4a
    CD Key Available
    Linked to SE ID Token Deactivated

    RotZ - Awakening
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - Eternal Mercenary
    Assault - First Lieutenant
    Altana - Prelude to a Storm
    C.Prophecy - Those Who Lurk in Shadows (I)
    M.KupoD'etat - Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
    S.Ascension - Sugar-coated Directive.

    WAR 45 MNK 12
    WHM 48 BLM 90
    RDM 85 THF 90
    PLD 90 DRK 90
    BST 7 BRD 12
    RNG 83 SAM 45
    NIN 45 DRG 12
    SMN87 BLU 90
    COR 26 PUP 0
    SCH 1 DNC 10

    Beastmen's Seals
    Kindred's Seals
    Conquest Points
    Imperial Standing
    Allied Notes

    155 Total (All in the right places)
    15 Merits Unused

    Atma of the Apocalypse
    Atma of the Lion
    Atma of the Stout Arm
    Atma of the Baying Moon
    Atma of the Ebon Hoof
    Atma of the Voracious Violet
    Atma of the Stormbird
    Atma of the Beyond
    Atma of the Stronghold
    Atma of the Dunes
    Atma of the Adamantine
    Atma of the Claw
    Atma of the Clawed Butterfly
    Atma of the Desert Worm
    Atma of the Undying
    Atma of the Smoldering Sky
    Atma of the Gnarled Horn
    Atma of the Strangling Wind
    Atma of the Deep Devourer
    Atma of the Razed Ruins
    Atma of the Sanguine playerup.com
    Atma of the Tusked Terror
    Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity
    Atma of the Murky Miasma
    Atma of the Merciless Matriarch
    Atma of the Ascending One
    Atma of the Smiting Blow
    Atma of the Despot
    Atma of the Sea Daughter
    Atma of the Sundering Slash
    Atma of the Aqua Ardor

    Lunar Abyssite x3
    Abyssite of Discernment
    Abyssite of the Cosmos
    Ivory Abyssite of Sojourn
    Indigo Abyssite of Sojourn
    Azure Abyssite of Celerity
    Crimson Abyssite of Celerity
    Ivory Abyssite of Celerity
    Ivory Abyssite of Avarice
    Crimson Abyssite of Confluence
    Jade Abyssite of Expertise
    Ivory Abyssite of Fortune
    Sapphire Abyssite of Fortune
    Ivory Abyssite of Kismet
    Jade Abyssite of Prosperity
    Ivory Abyssite of Prosperity
    Viridian Abyssite of Destiny
    Crimson Abyssite of Destiny
    Ivory Abyssite of Destiny
    Ivory Abyssite of Acumen
    Azure Abyssite of Lenity
    Jade Abyssite of Lenity
    Crimson Abyssite of Lenity
    Ivory Abyssite of Perspicacity
    Ivory Abyssite of the Reaper
    Ivory Abyssite of Guerdon
    Sapphire Abyssite of Furtherance
    Ivory Abyssite of Furtherance
    Viridian Abyssite of Merit
    Ivory Abyssite of Merit
    Indigo Abyssite of Merit

    lvl 90 Apocalypse
    Auric Dagger
    Shamshir +2
    Vermail Bhuj
    Soboro Sukehiro
    Aquilo's Staff
    Auster's Staff
    Terra's Staff
    Jupiter's Staff
    Neptune's Staff
    Vulcan's Staff
    Apollo's Staff
    Pluto's Staff
    Othinus Bow
    Siege Bow
    X's Knife
    Thief's Knife
    Rapidus Sax
    Hannibal's Sword

    Summoner's Horn
    Nashira Turban
    Sorcerer's Petasos +1
    Abyss Burgeonet +1
    Morrigan's Coronal
    Zenith Crown
    Warlock's Chapeau
    Creed Armet +1
    Sylvan Gapette +1
    Noesis Helm
    Duelist's Chapeau
    Homam Zucchetto
    Scout's Beret
    Ace's Helm
    Hecatomb Cap
    Oracle's Cap
    Bale Burgeonet +2
    Varangian Helm
    Walahra Turban
    Hunter's Beret +1

    Homam Corazza
    Warlock's Tabard +1
    Sorcerer's Coat
    Scout's Jerkin
    Duelist's Tabard
    Adaman Hauberk
    Shaman's Cloak
    Glamor Jupon
    Melee Cyclas
    Gloom Breastplate
    Morrigan's Robe
    Yingyang Robe
    Rapparee Harness
    Bale Cuirass +1
    Ares's Cuirass
    Mirage Jubbah
    Summoner's Doublet
    Crimson Scale Mail
    Commodore Frac
    Cleric's Briault

    Eradico Mitts
    Seiryu's Kote
    Wizard's Gloves +1
    Creed Gauntlets +1
    Versa Mufflers /w Augments (VIT +3 Resist Slow +3 Shield Skill +4)
    Homam Manopolas
    Duelist's Gloves
    Sorcerer's Gloves +1
    Assassin's Armlets
    Hunter's Bracers +1
    Zenith Mitts
    Valor Gauntlets
    Summoner's Bracers
    Gules Mittens /w Augments (Subtle Blow +1 Snapshot +1)
    Oracle's Gloves
    Bale Gauntlets +1
    Morrigans's Cuffs
    Blood Finger Gauntlets

    Oracle's Braconi
    Cleric's Pantaloons
    Sorcerer's Tonban +1
    Ares's Flanchard
    Assassin's Culottes
    Valor Breeches
    Zenith Slacks
    Duelist's Tights
    Etoile Tights
    Abyss Flanchard
    Bale Flanchard +1
    Homam Cosciales
    Scout's Braccae +1
    Blood Cuisses

    Ace's Sabatons
    Bale Sollerets +1
    Scout's Socks +1
    Theurgia Clogs
    Avocat Pigaches
    Enkidu's Leggings
    Duelist's Boots
    Cleric's Duckbills
    Sorcerer's Sabots
    Shrews Pumps
    Dornen Schuhs
    Summoner's Pigaches +1
    Askar Gambieras
    Homam Gambieras
    Zenith Pumps
    Hecatomb Leggings
    Yigit Crackows
    Melee Gaiters

    Savant's Chain
    Justice Torque
    Prudence Torque
    Temperance Torque
    Hope Torque
    Love Torque
    Morgana's Choker
    Dark Torque
    Ritter Gorget
    Elemental Torque
    Caller's Pendant
    Twilight Torque
    Bale Choker
    Mavi Scarf
    Soil Gorget
    Shield Torque

    Creed Baudrier
    Buccaneer's Belt
    Hyorin Obi
    Rairin Obi
    Furin Obi
    Suirin Obi
    Anrin Obi
    Twilight Belt
    Scout's Belt
    Swift Belt

    Cerberus Mantle
    Lamia Mantle +1
    Nexus Cape
    Twilight Cape
    Abyss Cape
    Merciful Cape
    Altruistic Cape
    Astute Cape
    Aslan Cape
    Gleeman's Cape
    Belenos Mantle
    Forager's Mantle
    Amemet Mantle +1

    Relaxing Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Brutal Earring
    Abyssal Earring

    Blood Ring
    Omega Ring
    Insect Ring
    Snow Ring
    Dark Ring /w Augments (MDT -3% BDT -4%)
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Evoker's Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring
    Rajas Ring
    Flame Ring
    Behemoth Ring +1

    As you can see from above there is still a great deal of work to be done with this account to get it where it ultimately needs to be. This account has plenty of potential giving the game time to do it which unfortunately I don't have anymore. This account has a perfect rep and has never called or had been GM called before. Never the less I put this account up for grabs and bid farewell to FFXI. This account has tons of other items not listed above like close to finished pieces of salvage gear and tons of AF3+1 seals and quite a few AF3+2 items. If you have any questions or would like screenshots of this account feel free to PM me for those who are serious about purchasing it.

    Western Union Only
    IS a must @ Buyer's Expense
    Starting Bid - $800
    Buyout - $1100
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