WTS: US: Lvl 83 Worgen Warrior - $50

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    I don't have the time to play WoW anymore and to be honest I've lost all interest in the game. I'm not looking to sell my Battle.net account because I have other games (SC2) that I still like to play, so I guess we'll have to figure out some kind of character transfer thing or something.

    I'm not looking for much for the character. Mainly because I don't know what it's worth and I just want to get rid of it to get some extra gas money.

    This is my first and only WoW Character/Account. It has never been banned, traded, sold, used by any other location other than my laptop or anything like that.

    Here are all the details regarding the actual character that I guess you would want to know:

    - Lvl 83 Male Worgen (31% until 84 and it's been rested for about two months)
    - Dual Spec Protection/Fury (Main Protection -- I like to tank)
    - 8168 Gold
    - Sandstone Drake Flying Mount (Very Fast and can carry an extra person)
    - 242 Honor Points
    - 235 Justice Points
    - Aerie Peak Realm -- Alliance
    - 1130 Ach. Points
    - Exalted with Gilneas, Darnassus, and Stormwind
    - 162 Blacksmithing
    - 525 Mining
    - 17 Total Mounts

    Here is a link to my WoW Armory: us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...navakos/simple

    Like I said, I'm just looking to get rid of the WoW Account/Character. I'm not 100% sure on how the entire process works but we can figure something out. If you're interested, please contact me via one of the following methods:

    MSN - [email protected]
    GMail - [email protected]
    Email - [email protected]

    Or just PM me here. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.