[WTS] [US] lv.90 apoc hume, ares's, assassin's armlets, very good account!

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    Account Details~
    Hume M Face - 4 Hair - A
    Transfer is available
    Comes with 500k gil
    Linked to Square enix ID token detached.
    Original owner information available
    CD keys available

    RotZ - Awakening
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - Eternal Mercenary
    Assault -
    Altana - Prelude to a Storm
    C.Prophecy - Those Who Lurk In Shadows
    M.KupoD'etat - Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
    S.Ascension - Sugar-coated Directive

    WAR45 MNK12
    WHM48 BLM90
    RDM85 THF90
    PLD90 DRK90
    BST07 BRD12
    RNG83 SAM45
    NIN45 DRG12
    SMN87 BLU90
    COR26 PUP00
    DNC10 SCH01


    Apocalypse (lv. 90)
    Shamsir +2 (PDT-10 VIT+9)
    Auric Dagger
    Vermeil Bhuj
    Apollo's Staff
    Pluto's Staff
    Othinus's Bow
    X's Knife
    Vulcan's Staff
    Siege Bow
    Seigneur Shield
    Aquilo's Staff
    Auster's Staff
    Terra's Staff
    Jupiter's Staff
    Neptune's Staff
    Aqua Sachet
    Rapidus Sax
    Hannibal's Sword
    Virtus Crossbow
    Snow Sachet
    Genbu's Shield

    Bale Burgeonet +2
    Varangian Helm
    Walahra Turban
    Hunter's Beret +1
    Oracle's Cap
    Mirage Keffiyeh
    Ace's Helm
    Hecatomb Cap
    Creed Armet +1
    Sylvan Gapette +1
    Noesis Helm
    Duelist's Chapeau
    Homam Zucchetto
    Morrigan's Coronal
    Zenith Crown
    Sorcerer's Petasos +1

    Bale Cuirass +1
    Ares's Cuirass
    Homam Corazza
    Warlock's Tabard +1
    Sorcerer's Coat
    Duelist's Tabard
    Adaman Hauberk
    Melee Cyclas
    Gloom Breastplate
    Morrigan's Robe
    Yinyang's Robe
    Rapparee Harness
    Mirage Jubbah
    Summoner's Doublet
    Crimson Scale Mail

    Bale Gauntlets +1
    Morrigan's Cuffs
    Blood Finger Gauntlets
    Gules Mittens (Subtle Blow +1 Snapshot +1)
    Oracle's Gloves
    Sorcerer's Gloves +1
    Assassin's Armlets
    Hunter's Bracers +1
    Zenith Mitts
    Creed Gauntlets +1
    Homam Manopolas
    Duelist's Gloves
    Eradico Mitts
    Seiryu's Kote
    Wizard's Gloves +1

    Bale Flanchard +1
    Homam Cosciales
    Scouter's Braccae +1
    Blood Cuisses
    Oracle's Braconi
    Creed Cuisses +1
    Sorcerer's Tonban +1
    Ares's Flanchard
    Zenith Slacks
    Duelist's Tights
    Etoile Tights

    Ace's Leggings
    Bale Sollerets +1
    Melee Gaiters
    Homam Gambieras
    Zenith Pumps
    Hecatomb Leggings
    Yigit Crackows
    Mahant Sandals
    Dornen Schuhs
    Scout's Socks +1
    Summoner's Pigaches +1
    Askar Gambieras
    Theurgia Clogs
    Avocat Pigaches
    Enkidu's Leggings
    Duelist's Boots

    Twilight Torque
    Bale Choker
    Mavi Scarf
    Soil Gorget
    Savant's Chain
    Justice Torque
    Prudence Torque
    Temperance Torque
    Morgana's Choker
    Hope Torque
    Ritter Gorget
    Caller's Pendant
    Love Torque
    Chaos Torque (STR+3 ATK+3)

    Scout's Belt
    Swift Belt
    Twilight Belt
    Hyorin Obi
    Rairin Obi
    Buccaneer's Belt
    Furin Obi
    Suirin Obi
    Anrin Obi
    Creed Baudrier

    Forager's Mantle
    Abyss Cape
    Cerberus Mantle
    Nexus Cape
    Twilight Cape
    Felicitas Cape
    Merciful Cape
    Altruistic Cape
    Astute Cape
    Aslan Cape
    Gleeman's Cape
    Belenos' Mantle

    Brutal Earring
    Abyssal Earring
    Volley Earring
    Bloodgem Earring
    Centaurus Earring
    Loqacious Earring
    Relaxing Earring
    Moldavite Earring

    Rajas Ring
    Hoard Ring
    Flame Ring
    Snow Ring
    Blood Ring
    Omega Ring
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Evoker's Ring
    Bomb Queen Ring

    RDM Seal Head x5
    RNG Seal Head x1
    BLU Seal Head x1
    BLM Seal Body x1
    RDM Seal Body x2
    THF Seal Body x3
    PLD Seal Body x2
    SMN Seal Body x3
    BLU Seal Body x3
    MNK Seal Hands x2
    BLM Seal Hands x1
    RDM Seal Hands x2
    PLD Seal Hands x1
    NIN Seal Hands x1
    MNK Seal L x4
    BLM Seal L x2
    RDM Seal L x8
    THF Seal L x1
    RNG Seal L x4
    PLD Seal Feet x6
    RNG Seal Feet x3
    Balance Coin x1
    Voyage Coin x1
    Colorless Soul x2
    Voyage Stone x6

    Bids @ $900
    Buyout @ $1300
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