[WTS] [US] lv.90 Anniliator, Maat's Cap 3x90 6x75+ af3+2, all the atmas Must see !!

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    Account Details~
    Elvaan Male Face 1 - Hair A
    Server transferable
    OO info + CD keys available
    Rank 10 Bastok with 819k Conquest points?!
    comes with 1mil on hand and few million in sellable items

    RotZ - Last Verse
    CoP - Last Verse
    ToAH - Last Verse
    WotG - Cait Sith
    ACP - Finished
    Mog - Finished

    WAR 67 MNK 67
    WHM 81 BLM 90
    RDM 87 THF 76
    PLD 66 DRK 76
    BST 66 BRD 68
    RNG 90 SAM 81
    NIN 90 DRG 66
    SMN 75 BLU 0
    COR 1 PUP 0
    SCH 0 DNC 0

    Anniliator - lv.90
    Maat's Cap
    Adaman Hauberk
    Duelists Chap +1
    Sylvan Gapette +2
    Sylvan Bragues +2
    Sylvan Bottillions +1
    Sylvan Scarf
    Sylvan Chlamys
    Sylvan Glovettes
    Skadi's Jambeaux
    Morrigan's Pigaches
    Faith Torque
    Bullwhip Belt
    Varangian Helm
    Serpentes Cuffs
    Augur's Gloves
    Blood finger gauntlets
    Crimson Cuisses
    Crimson mail
    Ace's Sabatons
    Estoqueur's Houseaux +1
    Estoqueur's Collar
    Estoqueur's Cape
    Hecate's Earring
    Meridian Ring
    Shadow Mantle
    Iga Dochugappa
    Iga Mimikazri
    Iga Erimaki
    Gnadbhod's Helm
    Trotter's Boots
    Hope Torque
    Sorcerer's Petasos
    Augur's Jaseran
    Orison Cape
    Loki's Kaftan
    Koga Tekko +1
    Hunter's Bracers +1
    Byakko's Haidate
    Impulse Belt
    Buccaneer's Belt
    Unkai Sune-ate
    Danzo Sune-ate

    And just tons more gear!!

    Atst. of Transcendence
    Atst. of Might
    Atst. of Right
    Atst. of Celerity
    Atst. of Legerity
    Atst. of Vigor
    Wyrm Beard
    Adamantoise Egg
    Kog. Chainmail -1
    kog. Kyahan -1
    Cloud Evoker
    E. Abj Feet
    E. Abj. Head
    H. Abj. L

    All the atma and abyessite you will need if you have any questions can send me a PM.

    This account is one great relic and its level 90, please serious bidders only PM me if you are willing to get for buyout, if your bidding please post.

    Price starts at - $800
    Buyout - $1395
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