[WTS] US LOL ACCT level 30 ! with several skins like pax jax&TF!!!

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    Hi as i'm moving onto another game i would like to sell this account. ONLY FOR SERIOUS BUYERS PLEASE THANKS YOU. I will not give my details first either pay first. thanks. This account was built for competitive usage Owned Skin - Goth Annie Pharoah Amumu Swamp Master Kennen King Rammus Grungy Nunu Happy Elf Teemo Badger Teemo Riot Girl Tristana UFO Corki Pax Jax Pax Twisted Fate Champions - All Except Anivia,Caitlyn,Cassiopeia,Maokai,Dr. Mundo,Karthus,Malzahar,Renekton and Urgot. Runes - 6 Set for competitive usage. [Pictures is on process to be uploaded.] [Some skins are not in the pic cause its just a normal skins] Since this account was put in with much effort including going to all the way for Pax Skin set. I hope to receive a good amount for this account! only accepting VIA Moneybookers/Paypal Email seatospree / Pm me in this forum thanks! ---------- Post added 02-22-2011 at 02:16 AM ---------- Screens Shots for Skins - Runes from Page 1 ~ 6 - Champs - (lux and soraka pic is a custom pic i replace for my custom skin :p)
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