WTS: US: Level 80 Tauren Warrior Tank(Cataclysm) ICC geared only $22

Discussion in 'WoW - US Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by World of Warcraft, 3/28/12.

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    I am the original owner of this account, and have the the required details.

    He doesn't have much gold (over 1K)
    He did ICC many times and has T10 as well as lots of other good stuff.

    ALL expansions are active on this account.
    This character was inactive for many months, so you can use a scroll of resurrection on him.
    Which means your friend pays for a month to use a scroll of ressurection on you, and he then gets a free month. Two for one


    I would like to be payed through paypal. Email/gtalk me [email protected] if you want to discuss the transaction.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.