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    Armory Link for proof: mywowarmory/profile.php?id=24305

    Up for sale are my World of Warcraft collectors editions and account.

    This sale includes:

    1.) World of Warcraft classic Collectors Edition (With all contents included besides the manual, which I seem to have misplaced)

    2.) Wrath of the Lich King Collectors Edition (missing the soundtrack which wasn't included in the box on purchase; mousepad shows signs of wear from personal use)

    3.) World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collectors Edition (With all contents included, mousepad shows minor signs of wear)

    4.) Starcraft Wings of Liberty Collectors Edition (with all contents included)

    Boxes and artbooks are in mint, display condition.

    As a bonus, the purchaser will recieve all of the Blizzcon materials I picked up during the 2009 Blizzcon. Raynor figurine, authenticator, nat pagle's bag, grunty code and

    blizzcon badge... the entire works. I also have a Todd McFarlane t6 warlock figurine.


    This sale will also include my since vanilla beta babied WoW account.

    The account includes:

    Level 85 Rogue

    13920 Achievement Points. 1279/1399. Most achievments left are from the new content, not old. Extremely obtainable. That's 91% of all achievs in the game completed.

    This rogue is well on his way to the legendaries.

    This rogue has in his possession an Ivory Raptor. Yes, an Ivory Raptor. No, not the TCG raptor. A real, permanent Ivory Raptor. I can't go anywhere without people stopping to stare, and in my years playing this game I have only ever seen one. Yes, one. In 6 years.

    75 (Yes, seventy-five) Feats of Strength including but not limited to, Warglaives, Thunderfury, Realm First Grand Crusader, Realm First Heroic LK, Old School Ride, Raven Lord, Raptor Mount, Herald of the Titans, Camel Hoarder and many.. many more.

    Current gear level of 397 with various BiS items already.

    I have nearly every vanity item available, including the Shadowmourne dwarf trinket, tentacle, most shapeshift items in the game. 166 companions. 137 mounts including Shadowmourne Mount, Ivory Raptor, Blue, Ironbound, Rusted, Plagued, Time-Lost, Green and Red proto-drakes, both frostwyrms, chopper, Anzu, baron mount, old ZA raptor mount, MgT mount, Blue Battletank, Volcanic Drake, Corrupted Firehawk and touring rocket. Not to mention the in-betweens.

    Well over 50 exalted reputations. Well on his way to the Insane.

    A bank full of past vanity gear. Also every bag/bank slot is a 26 slot bag. I have entire sets for Transmogrification, as well as most weapons I'd ever gotten. The bank on this character is literally a 'moggers dream.

    Currently geared and ready for Heroic raiding, pvp, and anything else you might imagine.

    Nearly all of Archaeology done, including the Bug Mount.

    I have logged over 450 days of played time into this character alone. I have taken very good care of this character and account and I believe it shows.

    This account also includes various other level 80+. Nothing exceptional on any of these besides various glory mounts. Between all toons I have sets of various types of heirloom gear. Various other alts on other servers including a Dwarf paladin I stopped playing years ago, with an oldschool Black Ram.

    All characters currently available and ready for a realm transfer.

    If you have any questions please let me know. I will provide a bill of sale, along with the authenticator and name/password/account info needed to shift ownership of the account along with the package including the collectors editions.

    Account pictures on request, can also verify in-game.

    You simply cannot find a more taken care of account on the market. I have hardly played this account since the beginning of the year. Career advancement has forced me to grow out of WoW, so let my loss be your gain.

    Contact me via this ad for additional information, questions, or additional contact info. Scammers will be reported and blocked. Do not waste my time and I will not waste yours. I will not ship to another country, nor will I sell to anyone not from the U.S., sorry. It is far too easy to be scammed by someone who cannot be prosecuted.
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