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    Previous post I just made isn't working....

    Seeing what offers I can get on this account, I purchased it from Maidak a little bit before the servers went down and have put a lot of work into it since.

    90 Nin along with all other jobs 75+ EXCEPT for PLD, BST, DRG, COR (started working towards maats cap.)

    All merits capped out for NIN.
    Level 85 Kikoku

    other notable ninja gear:
    5/5 Usukane (augmentable after next update)
    Hope Torque
    Boxer's Mantle
    Twilight belt
    Twilight torque
    Byakko's Haidate

    All HQ Elemental Staves
    Thundersoul ring
    Arhat's Gi +1
    Heed Ring
    Cerberus mantle +1
    Cuchulain's mantle +1
    Triumph ring +1
    Triumph earring +1 x2
    Merman's ear x2
    Mermans ring x2
    + various other items

    As far as abyssea info, All expansions are purchased
    All bosses beaten INCLUDING Shinryu
    Has 1m Cruor (can buy 5 brews)
    Nin has all red stagger WS it can use

    Looking to see what offers I can get for the account, if nothing catches my attention I'll just keep playing and work on a kannagi, but paying off some debt would probably be smarter

    starting bids at 900

    can also include a 60 rdm plvl i've been working on for an additional fee
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.