[WTS] [US] Kannagi NIN Hume Male Rank 6 Sandy Asura

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    Selling my FFXI account Due to no more time to fully enjoy the game.
    Hume Male, Long brown hair parted to the side, Asura Server.
    Here's a list of my jobs

    NIN 95 Kannagi(85)/Kamome Full AGI Set up equip, And Full +2 NIN AF 3 All Skills Capped, And all Red procs on nin. (This is my main job)

    RDM 91 Full +2 RDM AF3 And AF 1

    WAR 90 Full +2 WAR AF3 With Full Red procs on WAR, Widowmaker Main Gaxe.

    All Jobs Max Merited, Have all main Sub jobs lvl'd for these jobs. I have Almost All Atmas, 400k in gil, Acess to all Aby zones, All Add-ons and ect.

    Noticable Armor:
    Kannagi (85) Twilight Helm, Twilight Belt, Lokis Kaftan, Widowmaker, Anwig Salade for blade Hi. Alot of Random Seals and armor for other jobs, and Items for +2 such as Cards, Stones in mog house. I'm The original Owner of the account.
    The only thing this account needs work on is CoP missions, and ToAU missions, Never Really worked on them, But with Kannagi it should be fun and easy for you. Transfer Available if you need to.

    Willing to use Middle Man, Or Western Union, Or Bank Deposit.

    Putting Bid at $400 And buyout at $600
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.