[WTS] [US] Kannagi Mithra, +ukon/twasher, awesome gear!!!!

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    I'm the original owner of this account and have all the registration codes.
    I am selling because some stuff has come up, and I must quit FFXI =[ It's been fun, but I have to go. This is an amazing account and I have played it for years, here's what you get!

    All expansions, even the 3 abysseas and the 3 original add on scenarios

    windurst rank 10 (all windurst outposts, even ronfarue and gustaberg!)
    Zilart: complete, suppanomimi chosen
    CoP: Complete, Rajas ring chosen
    ToAU: Complete, Ulthalims ring chosen (all lure of the wildcats completed)
    Assault: Captain rank
    WotG: Barely started, its on mission 3 or something =[
    Campaign: Medal |||| (the highest rank)

    Account is mithra, f6a, size small
    server transfer is up.

    90 nin
    90 war
    90 drk
    90 thf
    85 rng
    85 sam
    80 pld
    80 cor
    75 smn (all avatars)
    75 rdm

    Items of note:

    Lv 90 Kannagi (empyrean katana)

    50 Glavoid shells and 50 Itzpapa Shells, these are for level 85 ukonovasara(great axe) or twashstar(dagger.) Just do the pretrials and you can instantly upgrade either one! I even have 8 or 9 orthrus claws for the lv 90 upgrade.

    full nin af3+2
    full thf af3+2
    full war af3+2
    full drk af3+2
    full pld af3+1
    full rng af3+1
    rull rdm af3+1
    full sam af3+1
    full adaman set (even adaman hauberk!)
    full crimson set (l+1)
    full koenig set
    full hecatomb set, except the body
    full zenith set
    homam l, hands, feet
    twilight belt/playerup.com/dagger/helm/mail
    goading belt
    bullwhip belt
    zealous tiara
    timarli gloves and body
    eponas ring
    usukane body/shoes
    morrigans pants/boots
    rdm af2 hat
    thf af2 gloves
    Tons of other useless af2 and king gear as well!
    All trinkets for the 8 listed jobs from abyssea, iga neck/cape, rdm neck/cape, war neck/orb, etc!
    TONS MORE! just ask if you want to know something!
    The only bad thing here is this: I hope you know how the porter moogles work, they will be your best friend.

    Account also has 10 million gil, and about 5 million in sellables.
    100k~ conquest points
    50k~ imperial standing
    50k~ allied notes
    6mil~ cruor

    ALL Abyssites
    ALL Atmas
    Also has 200k cruor brews!!! with 6 million cruor thats 30 brews you can use!

    All at 80 availible spaces, sachel/sack/inventory/house/safe/storage

    I will even mail you the deactived security token if you want it!

    The account also has tons of random seals and +2 upgrade items on it, I mean lots and lots of them, to many to list!

    This account is up for best offer, gonna let it go in a week or two for whoever offers the most.
    I will not accept any transaction without using the middleman service.
    For actual payment, western union works for me since there is one right down the street, I would prefer to use it.
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