[WTS] [US] Kannagi (85) tons of AF3+2

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    Hume Male
    Sandy rank 10

    level 90
    Black mage
    white mage
    red mage
    blue mage
    other jobs
    pld 86
    samurai 85
    ranger 65
    summoner 59
    sch 64
    dancer 56

    Ninja has all af3+2 Kannagi (85) epona's ring iga earring atheling mantle
    black mage just needs body for full af3+2 varuna's staff +2 Indra's staff +2 Hecates,

    all the other jobs have most af+1 pieces some af+2

    ATma's - all atma you need for DD ,Mage,
    all abyssites you need get 4 stones Shinryu atma and abyssite Brew's only 200k cruor!!

    leathercraft 95 +2

    cop complete
    Sandy complete
    zilart complete
    aht urhgan complete
    wotg crossroads of time
    cryaalline prophecy complete

    access to all abyssea zones have all clears and atma/abyssite from bosses

    Accepting WU only no matter what! at buyers expense. Bids can start at $700 buyout is set for 1100.

    thank you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.