WTS: US: Insane Holy Pally for Sale 363 ilvl LOOK INSIDE

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    You are bidding on a Battle.net account that contains 2 different accounts under it. The paladin is on 1 account (Account A.) The Druid and Rogue are on the 2nd account (Account B.) You will need to pay for 2 seperate accounts to play both. All characters are transferable and non Account cooldowns are in place. I used one account as my main account and the other as my farming account (see professions below.)

    85 Male Human Paladin (1 of the Best geared paladin on the server!)

    -310% Flying
    -Rare Mountsrake of the West Wind, ICC 10 man Drake, Blue Drake, Bronze Drake, Celestial Steed, All War Talbuks, Fossilized Raptor, Mechano-Hog, Swift White Hawkstrider (Now a Feet of Strength), Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, Twilight Drake (My Fav Flying), Ultra Marine Qiraji Battle Tank (Favorite and still EXTREMELY rare ground mount!)
    -525 Enchanting & 525 Jewelcrafting
    -363 iLevel PVE Full Epic with 4 Hardmode Epics
    -More epics and Tier Gear in the bank.

    -Full PvP Set:
    4/5 Vicious gear
    -3212 Resililence!
    -Rare Titles: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Defender of A Shattered World, Twilight Vanquisher, and some others.

    -Prot READY!:

    This account has almost all the Archeology stuff, such as ring of boy emperor.

    I have tons of 359 level epics in bags and banks. Have enough stuff to sell to earn another 100k in AH easy.

    Also, + heals is almost 7200 now.

    The Characters on this account . they have some epics but mostly green/blue questing items. The only thing I do with these characters is Farm with the professions. they are a work in process but the rogue is ready to do H randoms
    Lvl 85 Male Tauren Druid
    -Profession Maxed Herbalism & Alchemy
    - Epic Flight Form
    Lvl 85 Male Orc Rogue
    -Profession Maxed Mining & Inscription
    -310 Flight.

    I have a verified PAYPAL account. I will be using MiddleMan i have already purchased it. so you realize this is NO SCAM. We can IM, talk on phone, meet in person, Whatever you like.

    Price: I am taking bids.....please no ridiculous offer.
    Please Call or Text me at 570-380-9932

    Here is the Armory
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