WTS: US: --*HORDE*-- ~.85 Goblin WAR, 83 Blood Elf PAL.~Middleman Seller Guide

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    Laughing Skull: Horde

    Female Goblin Warrior *85*

    Has over 15 Titles. Currently wearing Cheif.
    5285 Achievement points (39%)
    55 Mounts To include Great Brewfest Kodo, Reins of the Red Proto-Drake, Reins of the Twilight Drake, and the TURTLE MOUNT!
    57 Mini pets.
    Around 15 Tabards.
    18 Exalted Factions
    7 Feats of Strength
    4600+ Honorable Kills.

    525 Mining, 515 Jewel Crafting, 525 Fishing, 525 Cooking, 15x Archeology (Have like 500 fragments of each class was trying to get a Epic sword.)

    343 Gear score having played since Late January so I was good for the time... My guild is at max level so you can get the benefits from them. Has a bunch of cool items like the fishing gear to include the gold fishing pole from WotLK, Items that transform you like orb of deception, Furbolt item, Halloween items, much much more.

    Blood Elf Paladin *83*

    Has Around 10 Titles
    4750 Achievement points. (35%)
    30 Mounts Owned to include Red Proto-drake, Green Proto-drake, All the BC Nether rays, Brew fest Ram, Black war Koto, For the Horde Black War Bear.
    30 Mini Pets
    10 Tabards.
    13 Factions to Exalted.
    6 Feats of Strength
    6000 HK's

    Was my main for most of WotLK and is Spec'ed for Holy/ Protection. Didnt really play him alot in Cata so you can get some of the quest line, story from cata if you want to play him and get him to 85.

    .---**~~ All characters have moderate names, nothing stupid or immature with 1337 speak or anything like that. Also I think combined I have about 15,000 gold (Very good). And ALLLLOT more in Jewel crafting mats, and mining materials prob around another 5k at least. This account has almost 2,000 hours played on it and wasn't neglected at all. Selling it because I just don't have a drive like I once did for wow. It's getting old me and im waiting for new MMO's like Guild Wars 2, and Blade and Soul.

    Trying to get over $200 USD for the account but shoot me and offer if you want. If interested I can send you some pictures or give you more info if you would like.

    **Also if you have a Original Guild Wars account that is 45/50+ I would be willing to just trade it. I made the mistake of selling my Guild Wars account some time back and the dude wont let me buy it back so im trying to get a new one.
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