WTS: US: Horde 3 85's 150$

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    WTS My WoW Cata account. Currently has 15 days of game play left. The DK is my main character with the rogue following close behind. Mostly pvp gear on all toons as that was the only thing I enjoyed in WoW. 20k gold on this account as well to sweeten the deal. Many achievements and mounts spread across the toons. There is also a level 85 DK on a different server, the gear is not even worth mentioning however. All toons are on Horde. Asking for 150$ Super cheap.

    DK IL- 366
    Herbalism / Mining 525

    Rogue IL- 355
    Alchemy / Engineering 525
    Archaeology 525

    Pally IL- 349
    Jewelcrafting / Mining 525

    I will only accept western U for payment unless you are a trusted member with high rep then possibly paypal. All transactions will be held over the phone or ventrilo. Only serious offers may apply. PM for more details!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.