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    Hello Buyers! Quick Summary Name: Kevin Prodan Age: 23 Years Old Location: Ontario, Canada Gold Price: $4.00 per 1,000,000 US Softcore Gold Payment Method: Paypal only. (I have a Premier Verified Paypal Account) Daily Gold Inventory: 20 million Contact Method: Post/PM, I also have , , AIM, Facebook and (Contact Info I give in Private Messages). Current Stock: 50 million (7:30PM EST 6/16/2012) Trade Conditions: Payment must clear (Paypal Gift) before I confirm the trade in game. I will place the gold in the trade window first. Maximum time for a Trade: 5 Minutes or Less About Me: My name is Kevin and I'm from Canada. I'm a recent graduate of University and while I'm looking for work I have just been selling some gold on the side. I don't have crazy amounts in stock but I should be able to get about 20 million per day. I'm looking to sell at $4 per million and I'd be interested in building trade relationships with familiar customers rather than random buyers. It would just be more safe that way so we can build on trust. Quick Online Trading History: I used to play a game called Asheron's Call (AC), I have sold a good deal of items over my time playing and I would be able to provide references if needed. I have never had a trade go bad thankfully and I don't except that to happen in the future. As I said before, if you make me uneasy it wouldn't be a good idea if we traded. I'd except the same for you as well. If I made you uneasy, please let me know and we can stop the trade. More information about my online History includes selling in game currency (AC), in game items (AC), game accounts (AC), purchasing a guitar online (2010 Ibanez J-Custom RG), selling a guitar online (1991 Jackson Archtop Limited Edition) and other smaller transactions with playerup (Super Nintendo Games lol). Contact Method: I'm available to talk on , AIM, , Facebook and . Oh and of course we can speak on these forums. If you want to add me to Facebook, just to check me out and maybe get a bit more comfortable with the idea of trading with me, we can by all means do that. I will not trade with people who make me feel uneasy. Payment Method: Paypal of course! I have a Premier Verified Paypal Account. What I ask of you is simple, so please comply. If we have a point of disagreement, by all means we can talk about it Condition of Trade For your protection,I expect that you have an Authenticator, if you do not I will not trade with you. 1. Upon agreeing on our Trade, we will aim to finish in under 5 minutes. 2. We will exchange Battle Tags and Enter a game together. 3. While in game, Please do not comment about the trade at all. (We can talk about that through other means) 4. I will add the Gold amount in the trade window when we are together. 5. Before we trade, You must send payment to my Paypal account. (I will accept MoneyPak as payment as well if that is easier) 6. Once the payment is clear, I will accept the trade. 7. When the trade is done, Please come back to this thread and make a comment about the trade. I will quote your comment and reply for your benefit. This will work in both of our favours because you can use it as a referral for other trades, as well I can do the same. As of right now (7:30PM EST 6/16/2012) I have 50 million to sell. If you are interested in trading please post or send me a Private Message and we can go from there. I look forward to trading with you. Thank you, Kevin Here is the face of your supplier!
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