[WTS] [US]Godly League of Legends Account. ALL CHAMPIONS 80+ SKINS!

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    Lvl. 30 account. Probably a little over a year since creation. Over 1800 hours played on this account. Stats: Normal Wins:Losses 177:111 Ranked Arranged 3v3 Wins:Losses 7:2 Solo Queue 5v5 Wins:Losses 20:14 Arranged 5v5 Unranked Runes: ImageShack Album - 3 images Page 1- 11% Dodge 8.5 Magic Pen. -8.10 Cooldown % at level 18 Page 2- 46% Crit Dmg Page 3- 8.5 Magic Pen. 6.8% Dodge -8.10 Colldown % at level 18 15 Energy All champions owned Over 80 skins with a handful of legendary/limited/special skins Current Skins: Akali- No Skins Alistar- Golden Alistar Amumu- Emumu; Pharaoh Amumu; Re-gift Amumu Anivia- Bird of Prey Anivia; Team Spirit Anivia Annie- Goth Annie Ashe- Queen Ashe, Freljord Ashe Blitzcrank- Goalkeeper Blitzcrank Cho'gath- Nightmare Cho'gath Corki- UFO Corki; Hotrod Corki Dr. Mundo- Mr. Mundoverse; Toxic Mundo; Corporate Mundo Evelynn- Shadow Evelynn; Masquerade Evelynn Ezreal- Nottingham Ezreal; Striker Ezreal Fiddlesticks- Union Jack Fiddlesticks Galio- No Skins Gangplank- Spooky Gangplank Garen- Sanguine Garen; Commando Garen Gragas- Scuba Gragas Heimerdinger- Blast Zone Heimerdinger; Piltover Customs Heimerdinger Irelia- No Skins Janna- Tempest Janna Jax- The Mighty Jax; Vandal Jax Karma- No Skins Karthus- Phantom Karthus; Grim Reaper Karthus Kassadin- Festival Kassadin Katarina- Mercenary Katarina; Red Card Katarina Kayle- Unmasked Kayle; Viridian Kayle Kennen- Karate Kennen Kog'Maw- Monarch Kog'Mow LeBlanc- No Skins Lux- No Skins Malphite- Shamrock Malphite Malzahar- No Skins Master Yi- Assassin Master Yi Miss Fortune- Secret Agent Miss Fortune Mordekaiser- Dragon Knight Mordekaiser; Infernal Mordekaiser; Pentakill Mordekaiser Morgana- Exiled Morgana Nasus- Galactic Nasus Nidalee- Leopard Nidalee; French Maid Nidalee Nunu- Sasquatch Nunu; Grungy Nunu Olaf- No Skins Pantheon- Myrmidon Pantheon Poppy- Noxus Poppy Rammus- Molten Rammus Renekton- No Skins Ryze- Tribal Ryze Shaco- Mad Hatter Shaco Shen- Frozen Shen Singed- Hextech Singed; Surfer Singed Sion- Barbarian Sion Sivir- Spectacular Sivir Sona- Pentakill Sona Soraka- Dryad Soraka Swain- No Skins Taric- Emerald Taric Teemo- Badger Teemo Tristana- Riot Girl Tristana Trundle- No Skins Tryndamere- Highland Tryndamere Twisted Fate- Jack of Hearts Twitch- Kingpin Twitch; Gangster Twitch Udyr- Black Belt Udyr; Primal Udyr Urgot- Butcher Urgot; Giant Enemy Crabgot Veigar- White Mage Veigar Vladimir- No Skins Warwick- Urf the Manatee; Big Bad Warwick Xin Zhao- No Skins Zilean- Groovy Zilean Riot Points: 69 Influence Points: 1459 Current Offer: $200 USD Taking offers. Middleman or you pay first. Add me on MSN if needed: my.e-mail.is
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