WTS: US: Geared 85 Gnome Lock 85 BE DK CHEAP!!

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    Looking to sell my WoW Account 2 85's

    85 Warlock - Dual Spec, Maxed Out Enchanting, 475 JC, Max Riding Skill, Drake Mounts

    Gear -
    Item Level 354
    4/5 Bloodthirsty Glad Set
    1/5 Vicious Glad Set
    Vicious Glad Neck
    Vicious Glad Ring
    Vicious Glad Spell blade
    Vicious Glad Endgame(Offhand)
    Vicious Glad Touch of Defeat
    All Itemlevel 352 PvP offsets
    3100 Res
    6900 Self Buffed SP
    Also has PvE Set but not that good but will still get you into heriocs.

    85 DK - Flying Mount, Dual Spec

    This is my alt toon is geared to start running heroics as blood tank

    62 Hunter
    64 Shaman
    A lot of 35+ Alts

    Accepting all offers but I am looking for something around $300-$350.

    Please email me at [email protected]
    AIM - windexcleaner89

    Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.