WTS: US: Five Level 85 characters, and 2 80+ alts! ( 1 2 3)

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    I'm in college and money has become a serious issue. So I am attempting sell my wow account to help pay for food and expenses. The account has 5 level 85's (Mage, Shaman, Warrior, Druid, and Hunter). The Mage is in full Bloodthirsy gear, with epic PvP Main/Off hand and Wand. Hunter has all of the holiday achievements, and several exalted reputations. Paladin has all of the ICC achievements except Light of Dawn, which includes both frost drakes and the now unobtainable Zul'Gurub Tiger. Many of the characters have aold tier gear as well as tons of novelty items. BoA gear is available for just about every single character.

    It is also attached to a Battle.net account with SC2, SC:BW, and Diablo 2.

    Armory links below along with picture of character screen:
    Mage: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244338
    Hunter: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244340
    Shaman: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244341
    Druid: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244343
    Warrior: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244342
    Warlock: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244344
    Paladin: .mywowarmory/profile.php?id=244339
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.