WTS: US: Dragonwrath Shadowpriest and a 85 shaman

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    Troll Shadowpriest with Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest equipped sitting at 385 iLvl equipped for pve and both pvp shadow and disc sets, professions in Enchanting/Tailoring at 525, with mounts including the Raven Lord, both Brewfest Mounts, Sandstone Drake and the 25 achievement mounts from Uld/ICC with 310% and also 114,000gold on this account.

    Also has a lvl 85 Enhance Shaman on the account that has a 357 iLvl equipped for pve and no pvp gear, professions are in Leatherworking/Alchemy at 525 and has max leveled Archaeology, rare mounts that are included, Fossilized Raptor, and ability to get all the Netherwing Drakes when needed, also at 310% speed.

    Looking for around $600.00USD via methods of Paypal, send email via the site or leave a post, then can send screenshots/armorylinks of the to interested buyers. I'm only one to have used the account thus far. Happy Hunting!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.