wts US defiant full rank 8 rogue w/stillmoor glorified epic mount

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    It is male defiant made face look cool no bent/huge nose etc.Have the stillmoor epic mount from glorified rep and i havent been on in months but i think it has like 150-200 plat on him.The account also has a 2nd lvl 50 guardian rogue in full rank 6 he has a normal epic the defiant charaters way better/cooler/has more plat etc.I want offers of 100 USD and up.I sold my ffxi account here awhile back and guy paid me w/WU id take that or a paypal payment but it must clear 1st.He paid me first then and as you should be able to see from that fb im legit.wanted to add that i dyed the pvp rank 8 set black it looks sick as hell also wanted to add i have that trinket called guise of death which make you look like a undead mob and i have 2 event helmet skins one was the faceless man other was the skull face helmet skin.Also i forget to put the obvious in the title lvl 50 and also forgot to metion all the gear is enchanted for pvp and it has the dual r8 daggers and the r8 gun for weapons and has max rep item w/unseen all the sigils etc are also complete and has a 2nd epic mount the plat horse from meridian,and account is collectors edition. and the r8 rogue has a epic bag from collectors edition then the rest are 20 space blue bags.Theres more but thats the importatant stuff..account also has like 20ish original poplular names like king or hitman neither of them but are similar in popularity to give you a idea without telling my characters name..thanks
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