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    Hello,Looking for RAF partner, I'd want to make 2+ 80's. We would be questing/ instancing. since my level 85s are on my account i wont be able to run us. But I might have some friends that will run us.

    We would be horde or i can go ally on your server on a PvP/PvE server, i would even go to your server if you want

    What i will be supplying
    Provide us gold,bags,flying,maybe epic flying
    Provide you with a experienced and dedicated RAF
    provide a fun person that has vent and a fun person

    What i will not supply
    Provide you with your keys if your to poor to buy the CD keys then not my fault. BUT IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY WOTLK THEN WE CAN GET TO LVL 70 AND OWN THE 70 PVP BRACKET LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!

    If you are interested i want someone that is laid back and cool and that wont give me or my friends a hard time
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.