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    Expansions: - Mines of Moria - Siege of Mirkwood - Rise of Isengard (40$ heroic edition pre-order) - Riders of Rohan (70$ legendary edition pre-order) Have every single quest-pack, every skirmish (except 2 - Stand On Amon Sul & Ford Of Bruienen). Have 6 open characters and 2 blocked characters (coz of not VIP atm). Crystal of Remembrance (from Riders of Rohan Legendary pre-order) still not used on any toon. Open: 1. champion 75 man (grand master weaponsmith) 6/6 ToO fervour set 6/6 draigoch set FA 2h sword SA champ rune, might draigoch cloak 2. minstrel 75 hobbit (grand master scholar) - 6/6 ToO heal set 6/6 draigoch set SA LIs for heal and dps, will draigoch cloak 3. warden 55 elf (metalsmith guild started) - 4/6 draigoch set waiting for 75lvl in bank, have worn symbols of celebrimbor for LIs and scales for draigoch cloak 4. burglar 51 hobbit (grand master tailor) - have FA 65 LIs (x3), SA 75 LIs (2x), crystals for 65 LIs, scrolls of empowerment for 65 LIs 5. rune-keeper 45 elf (grand master jeweller) 6. hunter 33 dwarf (grand master woodworker) Blocked: 7. Lore-master 8 man 8. captain 8 man 224 Turbine Points on account. Have storage kinship with max rank and kinhouse with tons of decoration stuff. Also have some lowranked creeps - r4 reaer, r2 BA and some unranked or r1 creeps. 250$. PayPal only. Cash before delivery. If interested pst me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.