[WTS] [US] be Aware of Neoex Policies!!! :mad

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI FFXI Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by FFXI Accounts, 4/19/12.

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    I bought a $200 dollars account from him 3 months ago. The account was chargedback and was canceled by SE after 3 days of having it. He lured me into dropping my paypal cl and forgot about it and kept the money.

    All he is offering is $100 credit towards the purchase of another account. Nothing more. Check his message:

    Sorry you bought an account from me, I am willing to replace it at 50% value towards another account.

    Not pay cash, not pay gil, not offer services, nothing else.

    Like I said my offer is WAY more than anyone else would do and I do it because I support this community. My policy clearly states NO REFUNDS/NO RETURNS under any circumstances. I always hate to hear about someone losing an account, but it happens. This was of no neglect of my own. I have never performed a chargeback to SquareEnix. So not sure what leg your trying to stand on here?

    I am sorry you are frustrated and my offer will be good for another 30 days if you would like to take advantage of it

    So, I have to say I am happy I didn't buy something more expensive from him as that money would of been gone for good.

    Be aware of this if you are risking on spending over 1k on one of his accounts. The guy has no honor and hides behind shady personal policy.


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