[WTS] [US] Armada Hauberk, Almace, Ochain, Kannagi, Masamune, Ridill, 9x95

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    Created this account back in may of this year after taking a bit of a break. I've put a lot of work into it since. Just don't have time for the game anymore. Being a new account it's clean with no strikes and transfer is available.

    Elvaan Male, Black Hair
    Sandy Rank 8 (Bastok, Windy N/A)
    Have registration code and i'm the original owner.

    Fishing: 11
    Goldsmithing: 1
    Leathercraft: 4
    Bonecraft: 60
    Cooking: 3

    Account has 6,800,000 gil on hand. Roughly 300,000 Cruor

    Warrior: 95
    White Mage: 95
    Red Mage: 95
    Paladin: 95
    Bard: 30
    Ninja: 95
    Monk: 10
    Black Mage: 95
    Thief: 95
    Beastmaster: 1
    Samurai: 95
    Dancer: 95
    All others have yet to be unlocked.

    Zilart: The Sealed Shrine
    Promathia: Complete
    ToAU: Passing Glory
    WoTG: Fate In Haze
    C.Prophecy: The Echo Awakens
    A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Complete
    A Shantotto Ascension: The Which Curdles Blood
    Abyssea: Vision/Scars/Hereos Purchased + SHINRYU Access
    Dynamis: Missing Valk Bubu Qufim slivers

    1 Byne Bill x 69
    Affronter Cuisses
    Amaltheia Hide
    Apollo's Staff
    Aquasoul Ring x2
    Aquilo's Staff
    Blessed Mitts +1
    Blessed Trousers +1
    Blitz Ring
    Cerberus Mantle +1
    Dusk Gloves +1
    Flume Belt
    Gem of the East
    Gem of the West
    Hades Earring+1 x2
    Jupiter's Pearl
    Light Fewel Orb x72
    Merman's Earringx2
    Neptune's Staff
    Ordelle Bronzepiece x53
    Prolix Ring
    Pyrosoul Ring
    Rancor Collar
    Scorpion Harness +1
    Stormsoul Ring
    Suzaku Scrap x22
    Terra's Staff
    Thundersoul Ring
    Tukuku Whiteshell x78
    Wiglen Gorget
    Zahak's Mail
    Many other misc. sellables.

    Notable Rare/Ex Items:
    Ace's Leggings
    Armada Hauberk (Augments 3 Attack, 3 Double Attack, Ranged Accuracy +5)
    Anhur Robe
    Ame-no-ohabari (Tachi: Kaiten)
    Anguinus Belt
    Anwig Salade (Augments AGI 4 STR 4, WS ACC+15, WS DMG+2%)
    Breeze Belt
    Brutal Earring
    Bullwhip Belt
    Byakko's Haidate(Augments Store TP+3, Crit Hit Damange +4% Resist Sleep +1)
    Danzo Sune-ate
    Dynamis Lord pop item (Shrouded Bijou)
    Epona's ring
    Goading Belt
    Hecatomb Mittens +1(Augments Acc+4, Crit +3%, Dagger +4)
    Hecatomb Subligar +1 (Augments Evasion +3, Crit +4%)
    Hecatomb Leggings +1(Augments STR+3 ATT+6, Great Axe Skill +4)
    Heka's Kelasiris
    Loquacious Earring
    Wivre Hairpin (Refresh +1)
    Account has over 100 +2 upgrade items (Ex: 24 Stone of balance, 15 wieldance stone etc. MANY seals on the account / mule as well.)
    Many Other Misc. Ra/Ex Items

    Artifact Armor
    Storage Slip #5: Ninja Chainmail +1, Ninja Kyahan +1

    Storage Slip #6: Warrior's Calligae, Warrior's Stone, Melee Crown, Melee Hose, Melee Gaiters, Melee Cape, Cleric's Cap (-1 in Mog House), Cleric's Mitts (-1 in Mog House), Cleric's Pantaloons, Cleric's Duckbills, Cleric's Belt, Sorcerer's Coat, Sorcerer's Petasos, Sorcerer's Gloves (-1 in Mog House), Duelist's tights, Duelist's Boots, Duelist's Belt, Assassin's Cape, Valor Leggings, Valor Cape, Monster Belt, Bard's Cape, Saotome Kabuto, Saotome koshi-ate, Koga hakama, Koga Kyahan, Koga Sarashi, Wyrm Belt, Summoner's cape, Mirage mantle, Commodore belt, Pantin cape, Etoile casaque.

    Storage Slip #7:
    Assassin's Armlets +1, Duelist's Gloves +1, Duelist's Chapeau +1, Valor Gauntlets +1

    Storage Slip #8:
    Ravager's Gorget, Ravager's Orb, Tantra Gaiters, Tantra Tathlum, Orison Locket, Estoqueur's Chappel, Estoqueur's gantherots, Raider's armlets, Raider's Boomerang, Creed Collar, Creed Baudrier, Creed Earring, Bale Sollerets, Ferine ocreae, Sylvan Bottillons, Sylvan Scarf, Unkai Nodawa, Unkai Sugemino, Iga Erimaki, iga Dochugappa, Lancer's Pelerine, Navarch's bottes, Navarch's choker, Navarch's mantle, Charis feather, Ravager's Earring, Orison Earring, Estoqueur's Earring, Iga Mimikazari, Mavi Earring, Charis Earring, Savant's Earring.

    Storage Slip #9:
    Orison Cape +1, Orision Duckbills +1, Goetia Gloves +1, Estoqueur's Hiouseaux +1, Raider's Bonnet +1, Raider's culottes +1, Creed Armet +1, Unkai Kote +1.

    Storage Slip #10:
    Ravager's Mask +2, Ravager's Lorica +2 Ravager's Muffler +2, Ravager's Cuisses +2, Ravager's Calligae +2, Orison Pantaloons +2, Estoqueurs Sayon +2, Raider's Vest +2, Raider's Poullaines +2, Creed Cuirass +2, Creed Gauntlets +2, Creed Cuisses +2, Creed Sabatons +2, Unkai Kabuto +2, Unkai Domaru +2, Unkai Haidate +2, Unkai sune-ate +2, Iga Zukin +2, Iga Ningi +2, Iga Tekko +2, Iga hakama +2, Iga kyahan +2.

    Account has 906 Merits, basically capped bar dancer and ninja tier 1 merits which has 5/5 subtle blow.

    I apologize for the sloppiness of the post. The account is missing some minor things but nothing too out of reach to obtain or accomplish. This is a pretty nice account considering the time it's been around. Seeking for at least $1,000 US for this account. I've sold a few before and know it's worth at least that much. Pm for more screenshots, or any specific ones you may want to see and i'll take pictures for you. I'll accept WU or Paypal with good feedback rating. Happy Bidding.
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