WTS: US AoC Account: 51 ToS, ROTGS Expansion, 60 Days Gametime

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    This account is an excellent beginner account for someone looking for a fresh start in Age of Conan. Characters on the account -51 Tempest of Set -Unused Free Level 50 character of your choice. Funcom allows you to create one free level 50 character of your choice after leveling one on your own to 50. This means that if you don't want to play a Tempest of Set class, you can instantly roll a new class that will start out as level 50! What the account includes -Two months of prepaid gametime -Collectors Edition Rise of the Godslayer Expansion -Might of Crom Addon Pack (Includes the Tortage Survival Kit Addon Pack) -Two Unused Offline Levels What the RotGS Expansion and Might of Crom includes -Bag of Holding (35 slot inventory bag) -War Mammoth Mount, Blue Snow Mammoth Mount, Killer Rhino Mount, Level 40 Horse Mount -Curved Amazon Bow (level 25 epic bow for new rangers) -Enruned Kosalan Ring (level 1 epic ring, great starter item) -Hyrkanian Headguard of the Warlord (level 40 epic helmet, gives 10% bonus exp and great stats) -Kosalan Talisman of Clarity (level 1 necklace, great starter item) -Loyal Kappa Pet (passive pet that gives you buffs) -Ravager of Jhil Pet (pet that melees and fights with you) -Ring of Acheron (level 1 blue ring, gives bonus exp and good stats, great starter item) -Ring of Chtonic Nightmares (level 80 epic ring, basically a free purple ring at 80 with AWESOME stats) -Ring of Dreaming Demons (level 80 blue ring, free ring at 80 with good stats) -Totem of Origins (item that lets you recall to your home city) -Slavemaster's Weapons (assortment of different level 1 starter weapons, really help getting a character through Tortage) -27 Double Experience Potions (last 12 hours each) -29 10% Increased Advancement Potions (last 12 hours each) All of the items listed above, minus the Exp Potions, are attached permanently to the account. They do not expire. You will be able to /claim them on any character you make on the account. The Might of Crom addon pack costs $60 to add to an account, and Collectors Edition RotGS expansion costs $35 to add to an account. I'm only asking $50 for this account. This account is a wonderful value and absolutely perfect for anyone looking to start fresh in Age of Conan. The account has two months of prepaid gametime, so you can jump right in and start playing and enjoying the game. Asking Price: $50 Paypal Only PM me for questions
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