WTS: US: Amazing OO Account! 85 Human Warlock +Alts + One MILLION GOLD!!!!525 Mining/Herbing

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    m selling my WoW account that has 85 Human Warlock along with several
    different alt's on the same realm as the main.
    I am the Orignal Owner with full account info.
    Ive been working on reaching the Millon gold mark for a while and now that
    i have,im somewhat bored-Its what has been keeping me playing this game
    for sometime now-And now im going to let you spend all my hard earned


    85 Human Warlock:
    - Achievement Points: 2410
    - Max Flying
    - Rare Mounts: Blue Drake Mount
    - 525 Herbalism and Mining
    - iLvl 331 PvE Set
    - 4545 Spell Power Unbuffed
    - Rare Titles: Knight-Captain

    Faction/Server transfer is open for all characters.
    This account is great to experience cataclysm either with end game or plenty of
    characters to experience the new leveling system. Don't miss out on this

    Send me a message with your offer and AiM and i will contact you ASAP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.