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    13job (9-85+ &4-80+) 4 Crafting Mithra

    Gil: 3.6mil +
    Gear, Merits etc: See Screenshots
    Rank: 10 windy 6 sandy 9 bastok (on last fight for 10)
    Missions: Cop done, zilart done, toau done
    Crafts: 94Cloth 85Bone 90Wood 100Alchy (see screenshots for subcrafts)
    Jobs: See screenshots all 13 are fully geared. Blu has almost all of the current spells for current level. Ninja has all spells. All jobs have all available spells. Red Mage hasn't used scroll of addle yet but it's in the inventory.
    Cruor: Over 600k- @7-8k per every 2-5k Cruor. This could get you rich quick.
    Expansions: Cop Zilart Toau ACP Abyssea and Scars (only missing Moogle kupo de at and shantotto, two mini scenarios)

    Alt's 78 Ninja/67 Scholar with 20-Fishing (needs rank up or would be higher)

    Price is Negotiable ,
    Nice Day!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.