[WTS] [US] Amazing account 19x90+ 5 Empyrean + Stage 4 relic account - Mithra + 95WHM Taru

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    Looking to sell my account as i have no time to play FFXI anymore.

    This is a completely clean account.
    I am not the OO of this account but i have all the details including the SE Q&A

    This account is fully ready to do anything FFXI has to offer at this time, it can tank, it can DD and it can support.
    PLD set has MDB PDT Weaponskill and enmity sets ready to go and without a defending ring cant get much better, I can provide all Windower scripts and all Macros are saved to server so that all jobs are ready to go.
    COR has full Wildfire set including Novio earring, 1 MAB+3 & 1 MAB+2 ring
    WAR and SAM have full Ukko and Fudo gear sets

    I will not be stripping the account in anyway and will be sold complete, including a 95 WHM taru PL (with other jobs 80+) that has full AF3+2 and 98Cloth with some 60 subs.

    The 2 accounts are linked by the same SE ID but different POL accounts.

    The details:

    15 x 90+
    73 cooking with some subs & 28 Synergy
    Rank 10 Bastok & Windy

    85 Armageddon
    85 Masamune
    90 OChain
    85 Ukonvasara
    Stage 4 Relic Great Katana (6 x M. Silverpiece and some O bronzes on hand)
    Burtang has been started, all 3 ToA King titles done and currently on Assault part of upgrade, roughly 100ish Alexandrite on WHM mule.
    All Abyssea atmas including Atma of the Saviour, AV and PW atmas.
    All Shinryu Drops
    Eponas Ring

    All City and Jueno Voidwatch paths completed

    Sky - Complete
    Sea - Complete
    WoTG - Complete (attack +4 regain +1)
    ToA - Captain
    Nyzul - Floor 100
    Einherjar - Odin win completed

    Full A3+2 sets (including accessories) for PLD, WAR, SAM, COR
    Multiple sets @ 2/5 - 4/5 AF3+2
    Lots of Sky, Sea(inlcuding all Sea Torques), Salvage gear on NPC

    Valhalla Breastplate
    Triplus Dagger
    Multiple AF3+2 upgrade items
    Multiple +1 seals
    Enough WoE coins to upgrade 2-3 more WoE weapons

    4M ish on hand in excess of 20M in sellables should you wish to strip.

    I can provide much more information and screenshots if needed, but this is a great account and has given me a lot of fun.

    Bids greater than $800 buyout at $1400 at Buyers expense and Western Union Only
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