WTS US account, pvp 10 main (conq)

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    A very powerful account. 80 Conq- Tyranny- PvP 10 17000 kills, pvp 8-10 gear, Full T2 pve, A Few 6man epics including the cape LL. Weaponsmith:- 11 recipes, Armorsmith:- 19 recipes including cultures/bases/ rings. WEAPON:- Feather of Ibis. Also has T2 conq sword, T2 barb axe and pvp10 1hd, pvp8 1hd Armor:- Full T2, Khaiti hands/belt, T3 Wrist, T3 belt, T3 boots PvP gear:- pvp 10 chest, PvP 8 wrist, PvP 7 neck,cape, PvP 6 rings. Also has tanking rings and huge amounts of gear setups. anwyasy.. very geared. loads of mini tokens to spare Near maxed aa CAN FARM EVERYTHING 80 Sin - Tyranny- PvP 5 6000 kills, Weapon:- 2 PvP 5 daggers, 2 Culture crafted Daggers. Armor:- All the pvp 3-5 gear, All T1 but chest, Crafted neck/rings Weaponsmith:- Dt culture Fair amount AA CAN FARM EVERYTHING 80 Ranger- Tyranny- PvP 4 (near 5) 3000 kills Armor:- All crafter culture gear, 2 T1 pieces Weapon:- T2 xbow tiny bit aa Alch:- Can make all pots/foods 80 Demo- Tyranny- PvP 3 1800 kills Armor:- Full t1, has full culture set also, crafter rings/neck Weapon: T1 staff, Leminun firestick, T2 dagger Fun class to play as an alt to grind/ raid etc tiny bit aa 80 Tos- Tyranny- PvP 3 1800 kills Armor:- Full culture, Khaiti belt/hands, T1 feet, shoulder/belt. crafted rings/neck Weapon: Crafted culture shield with magic gems, T1 book. Full Architect. can make T3 city CAN FARM EVERYTHING fair bit aa 80 Necro- Tyranny- PvP 4 6000 kills Armor:- pvp4 mini gear, rest is culture and pvp4 and a BB epic belt, crafter rings/neck. Weapon:- Lemiunin firestick Huge DpS toon for grinding for $$ or power lvling a decent bit aa 80 Guard- Tyranny- PvP 3 1100 kills Armor:- Near full epic khaiti, missing a few bits, crafter rings/neck, T1 shoulders Weapon:- T1 pole, Culture pole, Culture shield, Culture 1hd and epic world drop shield CAN FARM EVERYTHING fair bit aa 80 DT- Tyranny- PvP 2 Armor:- Full culture, T1 shoulders, crafted rings x2 sets Weapons:- 2 culture swords, T2 shield, Culture tali. CAN CRAFT EVERYTHING not much aa 80 POM- Wiccana Armor:- Culture gear, Khaiti wrist/boots Weapons: culture love you all aa 80 Barb Armor:- Culture, Epic wrist/boots Weapon:- culture 1hds, Epic world drop 2hd. yellow tiger. next to none aa 80 Hox, PVP 5 4000kills Armor: All pvp 4-5 gear, also alot of t2 gear. weapon: pvp5 stuff A fun toon to play fair bit aa 80- guard- SET. 1000kills armor: culture weapom: culture probably no aa Most of you guys know me in game, message me there if you like, or here, i dont mind. No offers below $400, it wont happen so your wasting my time and yours. I will no give any passwords until i have payment, this will again just not happen. **** NOTE***** I will not sell to anyone i dont feel confortable selling to, do not try to scam me, it wont happen as id rather delete the account then be scammed.
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