[WTS] US Account lvl 60 Wiz/48 Barb+ or just all Gold/Gear

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    Hey everyone, D3 isn't fun so I want to get a return on my time spent. There are two options you can bid on, so please make it clear which one when you offer: A - The full account and everything on it. I am the original/only owner and will do whatever is necessary like changing the email to yours. B - Just all the gear/gold and I will go get my refund from Blizz. Min bid on A is $100 or $40 on B. Increase bids in $5+ increments only please. Characters (softcore): lvl 60 Wizard with half of A1 Inferno cleared. 95% Gold Find/51% MF (before NV) Equipment: img59.imageshack.us/img59/6965/sorcgear.jpg The best of other rare/uniques I have to sell (my estimate at least 3M+ value just for these): img341.imageshack.us/img341/2653/valuables.jpg Typical buffed resist in the build used to farm A1 now is about 450 all, some higher & almost 15K DPS: [removed for limit] Unbuffed stats: [removed for limit] All of the other characters have decent gear waiting for them to help level up lvl 48 Barb in act 4 NM lvl 30 WD lvl 23 DH lvl 15 Monk Gold on Hand: 600K+ (I farmed a little more after screenshot of 577K) Gems/stash - [removed for limit] Only counting the two highest quality, it should be easy to get 200-250K for these when commodity house is back. I have some stacks of crafting materials and other random junk with value laying around too. The stash has 2 full pages. I have blacksmith to level 9 and Gem guy to level 8. Please let me know if you have any questions or think I should handle the auction differently. I prefer to sell to people who are +rep and willing to use a different method than Paypal, although I do have a verified account there. I run a business and can process credit cards if you would like to call me on the phone and pay. Requests with Clover (mobile payment), Dwolla, or bitcoins are also preferred because Paypal is as scummy a company as blizz. edit: can post screenshots of gems/stash later but they are as described
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