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    Reasoning I have been playing the game hardcore since before its release, but have become fed up with Riot's direction and lack of content. I've also just about had it with the community and want to part with it at sweet last, thus I'm simply hoping to get a bit of my money and effort back. Sale Best offer will be accepted, reasonable offers may be accepted almost immediately. Please post interest and pm me on this site so we can discuss further. Email or requests must be done via PM. Payment via paypal (you pay first via mass payment) or via e-Check (Check must clear) Trade Trades are unlikely, but well off Guild Wars accounts or accounts featuring rare/plenty Hall of Monuments features may be considered, as will simply sums of rare GW items/undedicated mini's/ Destroyer/Obsidian/ect items. Other interesting offers will also be considered so there's no harm in asking. You may simply post an offer; if I am interested I will pm you. No World of Warcraft accounts please. Features & Screenshots Champions Contains all champions except for the just released Leona! [1] [2] Skins Beta Tester & Retail Purchase skins included (Rammus, Annie, Alistar) Unpurchasable UFO Corki, Rusty Blitzcrank, and Urfwick Skins included Various Holiday Skins/Special Skins, some of them now unpurchasable (Snow Nidalee, Elf Teemo, Mundo Mundo, Christmas Sona, Christmas Miss Fortune, Riot Tristana) Click for showcasing of all owned purchasable skins Runes & Rune Pages 6 Rune Pages All general competitive runes and many specific build competitive runes (Akali set from recent Dreamhack, ect) Click for showcasing of runes Riot Points & Influence Points Comes packaged with 750 RP and 2500 IP. Questions? Please post them and I will try to answer them as soon as possible!
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