WTS US account 37 chanter - 34 templar

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    I want to sale my US Account. On this account there is 8 characters: > 5 on the Elyos side, Zikel Server: -Level 37 Chanter -Level 29 Chanter -Level 26 Templar -And a level 10 Gladiator and a level 6 Mage for Warhouse space to stock Mats The Level 37 Chanter has 200+ at cooking crafting 200+ at Essencetaping and 200+ at aether gathering. Use a blue staff and green gear. >3 on the Asmos side, Vaizel Server: -Level 34 Templar -Level 27 Spirit Master -And a level 10 Gladiator for Warhouse space The level 34 templar is 200+ at cooking crafting, 200+ at Essencetaping and 200+ at aether taping. Use a blue mace and blue shield with green gear. Other info: I have 5 month at the Veteran Reward, so next time you will get the level 40 wings reward. The account is not activated, just need to pay the monthly fee again. I am the only owner, i did bought the keycode myself and never shared it. For the story i joined the US server to play with my friends, but they moved to EU server and one gave me his account, so i ended with 2 account. I don't use the US account anymore so if someone can have it, it's up for sale now. I would like 50Euro or 70USD, but open for offers. If you are interested or want more info contact me or reply.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.