[WTS] [US] 99x6, Cooking 100, Fishing 89 (Ebisu), Synergy 80, Empyx3 & 64mil Gil

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    First time seller here, so please go easy on me lol. I've decided to sell my account because I just don't have the time I used to to play anymore.

    I have devoted a lot of time and effort over the years to this account and it definitely paid off as I think you will see while looking at it. Let me start off by saying that this account is a crazy money maker. Between the Cooking, Synergy and Fishing you can easily pull in upwards of 3-5mil per day if not more, that does not include any gil you would make from daily dyna runs either. The sky is the limit, just depends on how much time you are willing to spend crafting and fishing every day.

    This account has the main character and 15 mules attached to it. Below you can view all of the information of the account.

    BLM Gear

    BLU Gear

    BST & SAM Gear

    DNC & THF Gear

    Misc. Gear and Items

    Mules and Inventory

    I am the original owner of this account and I have all of the registration codes and info regarding it.

    Mithra White Hair
    Windy Rank 10
    Zilart: The Last Verse
    Promathia: The Last Verse
    ToAU: Eternal Mercenary
    Assault: Captain Rank
    WotG: Into The Beast's Maw
    Campaign: Starlight Medal
    C.Prophecy: Finished
    M.KupoD'etat: Finished
    S. Ascension: Finished
    Abyssea: All access plus Shinryu win
    Nyzul: Floor 100
    Dynamis: Full Access including Tav win

    Conquest Points: 4,316
    Imperial Standing: 11,669
    Allied Notes: 21,984
    High Kindred's crests: 702
    Kindred's crests: 824
    Kindred's seals: 250
    Beastmen's seals: 172
    Traverser Stones: 650
    Void Stones: 240
    Zeni: 25,270
    Cruor: 5 mil which can be converted into over 12 mil gil

    Over 60 mil in sellables and at least 2+ mil in sellables on mules


    15/15 MP
    12/12 STR
    8/8 Dagger
    8/8 Axe
    8/8 Great Katana
    4/4 Evasion
    8/8 Enfeebling Magic
    8/8 Elemental Magic
    8/8 Blue Magic
    5/5 Enmity Decrease
    5/5 Critical Hit Rate

    5/5 Ice Potency
    5/5 Lightning Potency
    1/5 Flare II
    1/5 Freeze II
    1/5 Tornado II
    1/5 Quake II
    5/5 Burst II
    1/5 Flood II

    5/5 Trick Attack
    5/5 Triple Attack
    5/5 Assassin's Charge
    1/5 Feint
    4/5 Aura Steal

    5/5 Killer Effects
    5/5 Reward Recast
    1/5 Feral Howl
    5/5 Beast Affinity
    4/5 Beast Healer

    5/5 Store TP
    5/5 Meditate
    1/5 Blade Bash
    4/5 Ikishoten
    5/5 Overwhelm

    5/5 Chain Affinity
    5/5 Physical Potency
    5/5 Enchainment
    5/5 Assimilation

    5/5 Haste Samba
    5/5 Reverse Flourish
    5/5 Saber Dance
    1/5 Fan Dance
    4/5 No Foot Rise

    Weapon Skills
    5/5 Exenterator
    5/5 Ruinator
    5/5 Tachi: Shoha

    30 Unused Merit Points

    Access to all VW Paths, only missing Botulus Rex win

    This account already has 64mil gil on hand and if you were to liquidate sellables and convert the cruor into gil, you would be looking at over 130mil. Please keep this in mind when making an offer or bidding and please don't try and low-ball me.

    Middle Man Service will be required for the sale of this account and I will only except WU for payment. Please PM me with offers. I will only talk through PMs or thread posts.

    Bids start at 1000 and I do not have a buyout set. If you are interested in a buyout or have any questions about this account please send them to me in PMs. Thanks and happy bidding!
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