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    The video card on my computer bit the dust, and I have been playing on 360, so I can't take the screen shots I have in the past with the 2 accounts I have sold.

    Hume Male, Spiked front
    Rank 10 Windy
    Every expansion is bought and downloaded
    Kupa Head with WS acc. and WS dmg.
    Kupa Body with 10acc,10attk
    Kupa L, these quest are just begun

    I have 160 stones for abyssea

    Some atma's off hand: RR, SS, Stout Arm, Gnarled Horn, Cloak and Dagger and more..

    Made the +10%dmg with weapon skills knife for my THF
    THF=Hands,Head,L AF3+1
    NIN=Hands, Head AF3+1 and l AF3+2

    For all the 90's I am 3-7/8 on many AF3+1 pieces. And I have the 6 stones to make AF3+2 RNG l, just need 3 more RNG seals.

    There is at least 5,000,000 in sell able items, if not more.

    I have: (Rare/ex)
    Thieves Armlets(TH4-Af1)
    Bullwhip Belt
    Boxers Mantle
    Swift Belt
    THF AF3+1 L
    THF AF3+1 Hands
    Rapparee Harness
    Brutal Earring
    Musical Earring
    THF AF3+1 Head
    Anwig Salade (WS acc +15, WS dmg +2%)
    AF3 Raider's Boomerang(the dual wield one)
    NIN AF3+2 L
    Bomb Queen Ring
    Jelly Ring
    NIN AF3+1 Hands
    Ninja Chain Mail
    NIN AF3+1 Head
    Full Bard Af1
    Full Thief Af1
    Full Paladin Af1
    Full Ranger Af1
    1/5 Ranger Af2 (Body)
    3/5 Paladin Af2 (Head,Hands,Body)
    2/5 Bard Af2(Body,L)
    2/5 Beastmaster Af2(Hands,L)
    1/5 Dark Knight (Head)
    1/5 Dragoon(Head)
    Walharra Turban
    Optical Hat
    Minstrel's Coat
    Augur's Jaseran
    Loquac. Earring

    This is just an off the top of my head list lol, there are many more rare/ex items that are on this account, many for RNG that I can't remember the name for etc.

    In sell able items:
    Scorp Harness+1
    Peacock Charm
    3 HQ staves (Fire,Light,Earth)
    Amement Mantle+1
    Potent Belt
    Warwolf Belt
    Dusk Hands
    some +8eva l that are 300k
    Fuma sun ate
    Kirins Osode
    2 Triumph earrings
    Flame ring
    Aidy Ring
    Heed Ring

    and a lot more here, I had 4mil and that's gone, so most of it went into gear. There is 100k on the account right now, but i have 1,100,000 cuor which you could sell and make around 2m with. I have 350,000 dominion ops points.

    8/8 HP
    4/4 Eva
    8/8 Ninjistu
    5/5 Agi
    4/4 Crit Rate

    every job is merited out completely except bard.

    Skills are up to the levels, evasion is like 380, capped for nin at 374, still not capped for THF. Dagger, Katana capped all that.

    PM ME with any questions, and sorry for the laziness on the thread, I had this account posted but when the site reformatted(and the fact my video card died) I didn't want to put an hour into making a thread
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