[WTS] [US] 90 x10 war +2 4/5, Adaman Hauberk, shinryu access + more

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    looking for offers on my account, only selling if I get a good enough offer. This accounts my baby and pretty solid for post abyssea I feel.

    All jobs are capped merits besides WHM
    Hume F
    rank 10
    Cop - Rajas ring
    DM - Suppa
    Aht Urgan - uthalam's ring
    *transfer up

    For new content has Shinryu access along w/ all the drops except body, helm, cloak.
    All hp+ abyssites
    has great atma - RR, VV, Apoc, , etc (like 5 or 6 pages worth)

    working on War Emp weapon, need 2 more chesma kills and already have 5 glavoid shells and like 13 itzpapa scales in MH. also have goading belt towards x-hit builds

    for emp armor +2 have war head hands l feet and nin l

    notable sellables:
    Cuchulain mantle
    cerb mantle +1
    hades ear +1 x1
    trmph ear +1
    dusk ledelsen +1
    HQ staves except vulcans
    blitz ring
    threw bomblet
    fire bomblet
    qirmiz tathlum
    sniper ring +1
    nobles tunic
    star ring x2
    star earring
    alky. bracelets

    Abyssea ex gear:
    goetia mantle
    searing cape
    GAXE, GK, + Polearm w/ relic ws
    ravager's stone
    pld feet +1
    blm feet +1
    drg head +1
    all 10 jobs have +1 l or the 8 seals to make the +1 l just need to bastion
    also has around 600k cruor (so almost 3 brews)

    Non abyssea EX gear:
    Ares body
    adaman hauberk
    4/5 heca (missing l)
    4/5 zenith (missing body)
    4/5 homam (missing body)
    4/5 askar (missing hands)
    Byakko's haidate
    love torque
    prudence torque
    blm af2 l + obi's

    loads of more items on the account

    account is linked to a SE ID and has a 14 collectors edition account linked along with the item from ffxiii code registered

    PM w/ any questions I'll take pics when I get a chance for serious buyers
    at buyer's expense
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