[WTS] [US] 90 WHM, perfect PL!

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    Just selling simple whm level 90 female tarutaru account with all the expanisons. transfer is down for another 2 months. Great for anyone that needs a whm PL. character has a few +1 af3 and its not hard to get her the rest these days.

    Has about 60+ Traverser stones + 4 on the character. 260,000+ cruor.

    Atmas and Abyssites:

    atma of the harvester
    atma of dunes
    atma of adamantine
    atma of the gnarled horn
    atma of the strangling wind
    atma of the bludgeoning brute
    atma of the tusked terror
    atma of the minikin monstrosity
    atma of the merciless matriarch
    atma of the ascending one
    atma of the lone wolf
    atma of the sun eater
    atma of the despot
    atma of the sea daughter

    ivory abyssite of sojourn
    ivory abyssite of celerity
    ivory abyssite of avarice
    ivory abyssite of confluence
    ivory abyssite of expertise
    ivory abyssite of fortune
    ivory abyssite of kismet
    ivory abyssite of acument
    ivory abyssite of perspicacity
    ivory abyssite of the reaper
    ivory abyssite of guerdon
    ivory abyssite of furtherance
    sapphire abyssite of furtherance
    viridian avyssite of merit
    jade abyssite of merit
    ivory abyssite of merit
    azure abyssite of celerity
    crimson abyssite of celerity
    lunar abyssite
    lunar abyssite
    lunar abyssite

    whm has almost all the whm spells except for a few teleport spells. character also has lots of merits for its job.

    Account is not linked to any SE ID. I accept paypal as form of payment with high itrader.
    b/o is 75 even.
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