[WTS] [US] 90 war mnk pld + others

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    I have a 90 war mnk pld 90 nin 83 rdm 75 sam thf drg for, char is a male hume black hair.

    Has all cop, zilart, toau, moggle kupo and crystaline proph done. has Medal of Altana 63 bonecraft and bahumut done

    Gear:has every piece of sky gear and abj except Z-mitts gear includes...

    Kirins osode
    byakkos haidates
    suzaku boots
    genbu kabuto
    seiyaru kote
    shura head/l/togi
    hecatomb body feet hands
    ...and many more like i said has every piece and abj. except z-mitts

    other gear includes
    Black belt
    Fortitude torque
    swift belt
    valhalla helm
    shadow breastplate
    bloodbead ring
    bomb queen ring
    aurum l/feet
    bandomusha kote
    iota ring
    rajas ring
    boxers mantle
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Virtuoso Belt
    Ethereal Earring
    Ritter Gorget
    Ungur Boomerang
    Perdu Blade
    Perdu Voulge
    Enkidu's Harness
    dune boots
    ninja af boots +1

    5/5 mnk relic 5/5 pld relic 5/5 war relic 5/5 drg relic 4/5 nin relic no l has relic treasure hunter hands for thf. has rdm relic feet hands and head

    Valor cape, wyrm belt, warriors stone, ninja relic belt,

    4/5 homan no hands 5/5 askar ares body, head, l, feet, usukane head

    and many more rare/ex stuff these are just the items that come off the top of my head
    because my account is inactive at the moment i have screen shots available from 360 but none from pc i can activate the account and get SS but not gona do until i have a serious buyer

    has 1 mil on hand and a few more mil in gear easy.

    looking for 500-600$ for account have all information including cd keys for it. acount transfer is ready aswell, PM me offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.