[WTS] [US] 90 mnk 90 bst 80 sam

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    Rank 8 sandy
    abyss ready
    90 mnk, bst
    80 sam
    75 nin
    60 rdm
    51 thf
    40 war


    razed ruins
    beast king
    dragon rider
    ace angler

    Mantis Last stage
    Tantra Thalium
    Acubens helm
    Askar Korazin
    Shura Togi
    Enkidus Harness
    Tantra Gloves +1
    Melee Gloves
    Tantra Hose +1
    Byakkos Haidate
    Enkidus Leggings
    Fernie Necklace
    peacock Charm
    Bullwhip belt
    Black Belt
    Kemas Earring
    Spiral Ring
    Keen Ring
    Creed Baudrier
    Lancers Pelerine
    Shaolin Belt
    Shura Haidate
    Thew Bomblet

    starting bid 100 buyout 175 !!!!!

    transfer is not up ...... 21327 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20973 20965 23 SWTOR 1334966523 21328 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20974 20966 0 Anonymous 1334966580 [WTS] [US] 90 MNK Starter Abyssea Account! Fully meritted / Sellables 21329 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20975 20967 23 SWTOR 1334966598 21330 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20976 20968 38 FFXI Accounts 1334966649 Rank 8 sandy
    abyss ready
    90 mnk, bst
    80 sam
    75 nin
    60 rdm
    51 thf
    40 war


    razed ruins
    beast king
    dragon rider
    ace angler

    Mantis Last stage
    Tantra Thalium
    Acubens helm
    Askar Korazin
    Shura Togi
    Enkidus Harness
    Tantra Gloves +1
    Melee Gloves
    Tantra Hose +1
    Byakkos Haidate
    Enkidus Leggings
    Fernie Necklace
    peacock Charm
    Bullwhip belt
    Black Belt
    Kemas Earring
    Spiral Ring
    Keen Ring
    Creed Baudrier
    Lancers Pelerine
    Shaolin Belt
    Shura Haidate
    Thew Bomblet

    starting bid $40 paysafe card only @ buyer's expense
    If I am offline send me an email stevenrickards 21331 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20977 20969 23 SWTOR 1334966674 21332 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20978 20970 38 FFXI Accounts 1334966720 MNK 90, BLM 87, SAM85, BRD 75, RDM 73 with all pertinent subs,
    Server transfer is up.
    Original Owner; CD keys available by mail upon request.
    Hume Male Brownish-Blonde Spiked Hair


    5/5 Usukane,
    3/5 Morrigans (l, hands, body) ,
    have all 3 pieces for head and 35,15 for feet,
    Wizards coat +1,
    Serpentes cuffs,
    Oracle Gloves,
    Nashira seraweels,
    Wizards tonban +1,
    Sorcerer's tonban,
    Rostrum pumps,
    Nashira Crackows,
    Oracle's pigaches,
    Cobra unit crackows,
    Hyorin obi,
    Rairin obi,
    Abyssal earring,
    Sorcerer's petasos,
    [/B]Wizard's petasos +1,
    Zenith crown,
    Oracle's cap,
    Goliard saio,
    Morgana's choker
    Sorcerer's belt
    Goetia mantle
    Merciful cape
    Moldavite earring
    Omega ring
    A abj l
    Sorcerer's petasos -1
    Hollow earring
    Walahra turban
    Genbu's kabuto
    Melee gloves +1
    Byakko's haidate
    Melee gaiters
    Faith torque
    Flame gorget
    Black belt
    Brutal earring
    Aesir ear pendant
    Ulthalam's ring
    Rajas ring
    Soboro sukehiro
    Myochin kabuto
    Askar korazin
    Shura togi
    Saotome kote
    Unkai nodowa
    Swift belt
    Musical earring
    Bard's roundlet
    Choral cuffs +1
    Marduk's shalwar
    Radennotachi (trial 1556 18/30 coins)
    Mantis (trial 74)
    Empress hairpin
    Bounding boots
    X's knife
    6.1 mil on hand
    HQ Staffs
    Novio earring
    Kirin's osode
    Sorcerer's ring
    Roughly 2 million in other Equipment and items.

    This account has been on the same server since its existence. It has a great reputation. It is unstripped and comes with over 6mil in gil. In addition there are way too many pieces of gear to list so I tried to mention some of the notables and put up a couple pics( There is a ton of nice pieces on this account). Also Novio earring and others that can be sold for a premium. As you can see by some of the equipment, this account has a great Samurai and Monk setup as well as Black mage. The bard also has really nice rare/ex gear. I am taking offers at this time and will hope to come to a deal by Sunday. I have already paid the fee so there is no risk! Good Luck and feel free to ask any questions! 21333 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20979 20971 23 SWTOR 1334966751 21334 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20980 20972 38 FFXI Accounts 1334966854 [WTS] [US] 90 Nin w/ 85 Kikoku + 15 jobs 75+ 21335 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20981 20973 23 SWTOR 1334966901 21336 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20982 20974 0 Anonymous 1334966926 [WTS] [US] 90 NIN WHM THF BLU Kannagi, TH6 great gear! lots of AF3 21337 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20983 20975 38 FFXI Accounts 1334966997 [WTS] [US] 90 nin/sam kikoku kogarasumaru yoichi kannagi 21338 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20984 20976 23 SWTOR 1334967052 21339 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20985 20977 23 SWTOR 1334967127 21340 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20986 20978 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967128 Job lvls - 90 thf rdm nin 81 drg 54 blu 75 blm 49 whm 45 war
    SKY O
    SEA O
    ToAU O
    FL rank
    rank 10 windy
    62 fishing
    33 alch
    33 cooking

    Notebale gear: Kamome
    Dchapeau +1
    RDM relic 5/5
    blm 5/5
    drg 5/5
    Crimson scale mail
    Blood cuisses
    yigit hands/feet
    +1 rdm l body and hat
    altruistic cape
    merciful cape
    seals for rdm and mnk and rdm
    fuma kyhan
    homam l and hands and head
    hecatomb hat

    looking for offers ^^ 21341 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20987 20979 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967198 [WTS] [US] 90 rdm whm all abyssea expan. 21342 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20988 20980 23 SWTOR 1334967207 21343 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20989 20981 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967269 Rank 7, Hume Character, Evasion gear for THF, including emissary boots, scouters rope, eva earring, etc... Account has around 200k Gil on it. Also has between 300 and 400k cruour, dont rememeber exact number. Account was just transferred a month ago to Alexander so know one knows the character. As you may be aware, Alexander is merging with Shiva, so it wont matter anyway. Make me an offer on the Account. 21344 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20990 20982 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967340 Want to sell My ffxi account, ive played over 5 years, i have a level 90 DRK,RDM,SMN,NIN, WAr
    My ninja has almost the full set of Iga +1 and pieces of iga +2
    Have over 400k cruor, and about 300k gil but a few million gear in items. Have all of zilart done and lots of other missions. My account is a Taru male. Due to insignificant income i need to sell my beloved account, my asking price is 150$ which is extremely low compared to all of the sites ive seen. i have all of the game expac codes, the first password, secret question everything, this account has always been mine and i am the only player who has used it. If your interested send me an email at [email protected] and we can further chat. ty for your time! 21345 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20991 20983 23 SWTOR 1334967391 21346 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20992 20984 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967404 A quick rundown of the account I am the OO I have all reg codes if anyone is interested I can take SS's of said items or account. It is currently active and can meet in game also for proof. Any pm's or posts asking to talk over or or anything like that will be ignored. I sold a mule account on this site about 5months ago didn't really know the ins and outs and got scammed over paypal so all conversions will be done through pm's on thx. Looking to just hear some offers I got a price in mind. Also if I missed anything that you guys would like to know say something and Ill try my best to present it.
    Sorry about spelling I was in a hurry this morning haha.

    Nation: Bastok Rank 10
    Male elvaan
    Brd 90
    sam 90
    nin 82
    pld 80
    Drg 75
    Whm 49
    War 44
    Drk 37
    Dnc 24
    Mnk 18
    Blm 18
    Rng 16
    thf 10
    rdm 10

    Hp/MP 8/8
    Attributes 5/5 STR
    Combat skills GK 8/8 Katana 5/8 EVA 4/4
    Others 4/4 enmity 4/4 crit hit rate
    BRD 5/5 Lullaby Recast 5/5 Minuest Effect Nightingale 1 Troubadour 1
    SAM 5/5 Stp 5/5 Meditate 5/5 Overwhelm 1shikikoyo
    DRG 3/5 Jump 3/5 High jump 1 angon

    Floor 100 runic disk
    Zilart - The celestial Nexus (got sky access)
    CoP - Dawn (Got sea access)
    ToaU- Eternal Mercenary (compleated)
    Wotg - Cait sith
    ACP - Comlpeated
    Shantotto Ascension - Sugar-coated Directive
    Abys main missions completed and beat shinyru so I got atma for 200k brew
    Main atmas
    Atma of Allure
    Atma of the Voracious Violet
    Atma of the Deep devourer
    Atma of the razed ruins
    Atma of the Sanguine playerup.com
    Atma of the minikin Monstrosity
    Atma of the apocalypse
    Atma of the Rescuer
    Got plently more atmas
    and abyssites

    Transverse stones = 230

    Gil on hand 1.5mil
    Dweomer Knife x4
    pyf Harp
    Aoidos' Calot
    Mederi Talar
    Errant hpl
    Aoidos' Cothurnes
    Choral Slippers
    Stealth Earring
    Imperial standard
    Bastokan flag
    Festival Dolls
    Adamantoise Statue
    Antlion trap - key item for Rpumps pop nm
    Mercenary's Knife
    bronze dagger
    radiant Lance
    Behourd Lance
    Bibiki Seashell
    wyrm armet
    drachen armet
    Valor surcoat
    wyrm mail
    Aurum cuisses
    Drachen brias
    Estoqueur's houseaux
    Sylvan bottillons
    Amir boots
    gallant leggings
    parade gorget
    Beastmen seals 75
    Kendred's seals 25
    Anct beastcoin 9
    Brown doeskin
    Kindred crest 42
    H kindred crest 17
    Aoidos' seal: head 7/8
    Aoid seal body 1
    sylvan seal body 1
    sylvan seal leg 4
    iga seal leg 2
    unkai seal feet 4/8
    iga seal ft 1
    Brave blade
    sasuke katana
    siege bow
    Verthandi's gem
    nokizaru shuriken
    optical hat
    Unkai domaru
    Assault jerkin
    ninja chain mail
    scorp harness
    denali wrist bands
    koga tekko
    ninja hakama
    iga kyahan
    ninja kyahan
    libeccio mantle
    terebellum mantle
    mermaid ring
    ungur boomerang
    acubens helm
    mirke wardecors fastcast +5 enmity +5
    koga chainmail
    byakko's haidate
    fuma sune-ate
    Bison steak +4
    carbonara +6
    toolbag sairui-ran x9
    erebus's lance
    Ame-no-ohabari Latent effect tachi kaiten
    radennotachi trial 651
    Soboro sukehiro
    pole grip
    unkai kabuto +1
    Varangian helm
    shunten hachimaki
    genbus kabuto
    gavial mask
    myochin kabuto
    perle hauberk
    askar korazin
    hydra mail
    Arhat gi +1
    Heafoc mitts
    Seiryu's kote
    Saotome kote
    Gavial fng gnt
    dusk gloves
    hachiman kote
    O kotes
    unkai haidate +2
    shura haidate
    saotome haidate
    Hydra cuisses
    coral cuisses
    Ace's sabatons
    Perle soleretes
    Askar gambieras
    Unkai nodowa
    snow gorget
    Creed baudrier
    swift belt
    amantle +1
    brutal earring
    aesir ear pendant
    colossus's earring
    fowling earring
    Coral earing
    coral earring
    Adler ring
    ruby ring
    Merman's ring x2
    jelly ring
    Ulthalam's ring
    rajas ring
    iron plate x3
    Terra's staff
    Apollo's Staff
    Dark staff
    Crooner's cithara
    angel lyre
    cradle horn
    crumhorn +1
    Angel flute +1
    horn +1
    faerie piccolo
    traversiere +1
    piccolo +1
    cornette +1
    Earth grip
    Light grip
    Teal chapeua
    demon helm
    augur's jaseran
    teal saio
    minstrel's coat
    vermillion cloak
    Serpentes cuffs
    Teal cuffs
    Choral cuffs
    Aoidos' rhingrave +1
    Teal slops
    bards cannions
    Teal pigaches
    oracle's pigaches
    Aoidos' matinee
    jeweled collar
    Wind torque
    stone gorget
    Aoidos' belt
    aristo belt
    Marching belt
    Cheviot cape
    jester's cape +1
    Skald breloque
    musical earring
    nereid ring
    nereid ring
    Walahra turban
    loq earring
    Alexander statue
    Fafnir statue 21347 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20993 20985 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967473 i am the OO and have pol codes
    Server Xfer is up

    8mil in gil and another 3mil in sellables
    Account has all expansions
    AF3+2 Sam 5/5 Thf 5/5 Nin 5/5 Cor 2/5 Rng 1/5
    Other Notible Gear in Picture above
    Account has all relevant DD and Tanking Atmas
    Over 550 Abyssea stones

    Meirts are

    6/8 Str
    2/8 Dex
    12/12 Hp
    8/8 Katana
    8/8 Great Katana
    8/8 Dagger
    4/8 Archery
    4/4 Evasion
    5/5 Crit Hit Rate
    5/5 Spell Int Rate
    8/8 Ninjutsu

    5/5 Sneak Attack
    5/5 Triple Attack
    4/5 Assassin's Charge
    5/5 Feint
    1/5 Aura Steal

    5/5 Rapid Shot
    4/5 Stealth Shot
    1/5 Flashy Shot
    5/5 Snapshot

    5/5 Store tp
    5/5 Meditate Recast
    1/5 Shikikoyo
    4/5 Blade Bash
    5/5 Overwhelm

    5/5 Subtle Blow
    5/5 Ninja Tool Expertise

    5/5 Quick Draw Recast
    5/5 Quick Draw Accuracy
    1/5 Snake Eye
    3/5 Fold
    5/5 Winning Streak
    1/5 Loaded Deck

    Post if you would like to know anymore info
    PM Bids 21348 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20994 20986 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967544 Hume Male Rank 9 Sandy.
    Server Transfer used on January 31st
    Account has 10 MIL in gil / sellables
    Conquest Points 110,000
    Imperial Standing 23,000
    Allied NOtes 158,000
    Cruor Balance 500,000
    Traverser Stones 243

    90 WHM, RDM, SMN
    76 BRD, SAM
    75 MNK, BLM
    67 DNC

    73 Clothcraft

    Zilart = Awakening (suppa)
    CoP complete (rajas)
    ToAU complete (ulthalam's)
    WotG = Cait Sith
    ACP = The echo awakens
    Kupo = Drenched! It began with a raindrop
    ASA = Sugar-coated Directive
    Nyzul Isle floor 100
    BV2 Access
    Almost all zones accessable
    Has alot of Atmas and Abyssite's as well


    Pugilists (trial 68)
    Indra Katars
    Main Gauche
    Dweomer Knife
    Peeler (trial 2)
    Heart Snatcher
    Radennotachi (att5 trial 650)
    Soboro Sukehiro
    War hoop
    Bibiki Seashell

    Estoqueur's Chappel +1
    Callers Horn
    Genbu's Kabuto
    Melee Crown
    Walahra Turban
    Zenith Crown
    Optical Hat
    Bard's Roundlet
    Empress Hairpin

    Ying Yang Robe
    Sorcerer's Coat
    Mirage Jubbah
    Shura Togi
    Pahluwan Khazagand
    Assault Jerkin
    Shaman's Cloak
    Aikido Gi
    Duende Cotehardie
    Cerise Doublet
    Glamor Jupon
    Rapparee Harness

    Facio Gages (evasion +1)
    Zenith Mitts
    Duelist's Gloves
    Melee Gloves
    Bards cuffs
    Vicious Mufflers
    Ochimusha Kote
    Carbuncle Mitts

    Facio Spats (pet mab+1)
    Zenith Slacks
    Oracle's Braconi
    Duelist's Tights
    Byakko's Haidate
    Shura Haidate
    Melee Hose
    Saotome haidate
    Shinimusha Haidate

    Caller's Pigaches +1
    Goliard Clogs
    Facio Galoshes (pet Macc+2)
    Denali Gamashes
    Suzaku's Sune-ate
    Melee Gaiters
    Dune Boots
    Sarutobi Kyahan
    Bounding Boots

    Callers Pendant

    Swift Belt

    Musical Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Moldavite Earring

    Jelly Ring

    2 MP
    8 Singing Skill
    8 Wind instrument skill

    1 Penance

    3 Cure Cast Time, 1 Regen Effect
    1 Protectra V, 1 Shellra V

    1 Burst II, 1 Freeze II

    1 Paralyze II, 1 Phalanx II

    3 Lullaby Recast, 2 Minuet Effect, 1 Madrigal Effect
    1 Nightingale, 1 Troubadour

    2 Shikikoyo

    3 Avatar Physical Attack, 1 Avatar Magical Attack
    4 Heavenly Strike

    Starting Bid $200 Buyout $300 21349 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20995 20987 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967615 OK, THIS IS A REPOST I GOT THE THF UP TO A 90 LAST NIGHT !!!!!

    i have the raiders bonnet and enough points to get started on af3 gear ....this account has sky and sea access ... I just bought all the abyss expansions packs it has a transfer up and ready ........ asking 150 for the account now i have put hard work in the account the last couple of days .... but this account is ready..... the thf is just about fully merited ....please when you get this account change the credit card before you world transfer last time i sold an account they did not do this ..... 10 or more feedback paypal verified honest buyers only if you try to scam me i will recover the account back .......I have no time to play this anymore and i need to sell it i have owned the account for over a year and a half thank you note the job level in the pic are from a older pic i took ...... but like i said job level is 90 thf 75 war and 50 nin i spent the last 2 nights doing abyss and leveling up my character so you do not have to ..... 21350 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20996 20988 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967686 As titel says i'm trying to sell my main account.

    World transfer is up.
    CoP Complete: Raja
    Zilart Complete: Suppa
    Shinryu Access
    Race: Mithra

    Gil on Hand: 9,456,832

    My photobucket has been acting weird so i compressed a bunch of pictures and put it on rapidshare. The link is here.

    Starting bid 250$
    Buyout 650$ 21351 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20997 20989 0 Anonymous 1334967756 [WTS] [US] 90 Ukonvasara 90 Verethragna Taru male MNK/WAR/BLU/THF/NIN 21352 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20998 20990 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967826 I have a 90 war mnk pld 90 nin 83 rdm 75 sam thf drg for, char is a male hume black hair.

    Has all cop, zilart, toau, moggle kupo and crystaline proph done. has Medal of Altana 63 bonecraft and bahumut done

    Gear:has every piece of sky gear and abj except Z-mitts gear includes...

    Kirins osode
    byakkos haidates
    suzaku boots
    genbu kabuto
    seiyaru kote
    shura head/l/togi
    hecatomb body feet hands
    ...and many more like i said has every piece and abj. except z-mitts

    other gear includes
    Black belt
    Fortitude torque
    swift belt
    valhalla helm
    shadow breastplate
    bloodbead ring
    bomb queen ring
    aurum l/feet
    bandomusha kote
    iota ring
    rajas ring
    boxers mantle
    Ulthalam's Ring
    Virtuoso Belt
    Ethereal Earring
    Ritter Gorget
    Ungur Boomerang
    Perdu Blade
    Perdu Voulge
    Enkidu's Harness
    dune boots
    ninja af boots +1

    5/5 mnk relic 5/5 pld relic 5/5 war relic 5/5 drg relic 4/5 nin relic no l has relic treasure hunter hands for thf. has rdm relic feet hands and head

    Valor cape, wyrm belt, warriors stone, ninja relic belt,

    4/5 homan no hands 5/5 askar ares body, head, l, feet, usukane head

    and many more rare/ex stuff these are just the items that come off the top of my head
    because my account is inactive at the moment i have screen shots available from 360 but none from pc i can activate the account and get SS but not gona do until i have a serious buyer

    has 1 mil on hand and a few more mil in gear easy.

    looking for 500-600$ for account have all information including cd keys for it. acount transfer is ready aswell, PM me offers. 21353 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    20999 20991 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967896 Nyzul floor access: 100

    able to be transfered

    SE Token Disabled

    Access to all Dynamis zones (cleared Tav)

    Mission Status:

    Zilart The Last Verse

    Promathia The Last Verse

    ToAU Eternal Mercenary

    Assault Captain

    Altana In the Name of the Father

    Campaign Dawnlight Medal

    C.Prophecy A Crystalline Prophecy (Fin.)

    M.KupoD'etat A Moogle Kupo d'Etat (Fin.)

    S.Ascension Never Purchased

    All 3 Abys. exp purchased.

    PM me for offer/more info. 21354 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    21000 20992 38 FFXI Accounts 1334967968 **You may notice there's another thread with this title, well for w/e reason I can't access that thread. All I get is Invalid thread specified. Please contact admin. Which I've done but haven't received any reply. So I'm hoping this one will show up properly.**

    90 WAR, BLM, BST, THF, PLD, NIN, 85WHM
    Elvaan Male, shaggy shoulder length hair.
    Linked to SE Account
    Not OO
    Have SE Security Q&A
    Security Token deactivated.
    All Expansions!
    Server Transfer Up!
    About 200k in gil.

    HP 7
    STR 6
    Dagger 8
    Axe 8
    Evasion 4
    Parry 1
    Elemental Mag 2
    Ninjutsu 1
    Crit Hit 5
    Spell Interrupt 4

    Dble Att 5
    Warrior Charge 1

    Ice 2
    Lightning 2

    Sneak Att. 4
    Triple Att. Rate 5
    Assassin?s Charge 5
    Aura Steal 1

    Chivalry 1

    Reward 5
    Call Beast 5
    Beast Affinity 5
    Beast Healer 5

    Subtle Blow 3
    Ninja Tool 2
    All ?San? Magic 1


    Twilight Knife
    Rapidus Sax
    Guichard?s Axe +2 (Pet Dmg Taken -10%)
    Guichard?s Axe (Pet Dmg Taken -8%)
    Twilight Torque
    Twilight Belt
    Twilight Cape
    Atheling Mantle
    Tristan?s Breastplate
    Assassin?s Armlets
    THF AF3+1 Hd, Bdy, Hnds, L
    BST AF3+1 L, Back, Neck, Belt
    WAR AF3+1 Hd, Hnds, L
    NIN AF3+1 Hd, L, Hnds

    Storage Slips for some Relic, AF1, and Regular AF3 gear stored w/ Porter Moogle
    Zoraal Ja Axe x2 (going for 300+k/per on current server)
    Cavaros Mantle
    Glyph Axe
    Nifty Mantle
    Varangian Helm
    Kemas Earring
    Lemegeton Medallion
    Enfeebling Torque
    Nebula Pigaches
    Eradico Mitts
    Sorcerer?s Coat
    Literae Coat (Mag. Att. Bonus +7, Magic Evasion +1)
    Weald Gages
    Sagacity Lappas
    Penitent?s Rope
    Moldavite Ear
    Sorcerer?s Petasos
    Ixion Cape
    Dornen Schuhs
    Inmicus Cuisses
    And a lot more equipment and AF3 seals.

    Evasion Tank and Solo as THF or NIN coupled w/ Cloak & Dagger Atma!
    Evasion Torque
    Scorp. Harness +1
    Scouter?s Rope
    Optical Hat
    Spry Pants(Evasion +7)
    Ungur Boomerang
    Velocity Earring
    Aurore Gaiters


    Cloak and Dagger
    Razed Ruins
    Apocalypse(Shinryu cleared/cheap brews )
    Ducal Guard
    Vorcious Violet
    Minikin Monstrosity(50 Int, Refresh 10 tick)
    Stout Arm
    Sea Daughter
    Mounted Champion
    Impregnable Tower
    Stormbird(Refresh 5 tick)
    Aquatic Ardor
    And other minor atmas suitable for niche situations.

    I am not the OO of this account but I have all the OO info as well as the phone #. I also have the SE Security Q&A. Account also has some pop items for abyssea NMs. $350 is the starting bid with buyout set at $450. WU only, can do but at buyer?s expense. No trades or gil offers please. Feel free to PM offers or questions. 21355 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    21001 20993 38 FFXI Accounts 1334968040 [WTS] [US] 90 War, Blm, Bst, Thf, Pld, Nin, 85 Whm 21356 visible 0 0 0 a:0:{} 0
    21002 20994 38 FFXI Accounts 1334968111 Character Info:
    Elvan Male (Tall FA1)
    Sandy: Rank 10 (All OP's)
    Bastok: Rank 10
    Windy: Rank 10
    Assult Rank: Lance Corporal - 19/25 points
    Campaign Rank: Medal of Altana ∮∮∮∮
    Campaign - 12,089 Allied Notes
    Conquest - 105,542
    Besieged - 2,290 Imperial Standing Ppoints
    0 Gil on hand (1M shown but will not be on account when sold/traded)

    Account Status: Transfer Up

    All Original Owner info available as I'm the OO.

    ZM - Complete - Suppanomimi
    CoP - Complete - Rajas Ring Apoc Nigh
    ToAU - Complete - Balrahn's Ring
    WoTG - Adieu, Lilisette - Need a 3 city wins
    ACP - Complete - Nuevo Coselete (Fast Cast effect +5% , Enmity+5 )
    MKD - Complete - Champion Galea (Dex +2 Haste +5, Snapshot +3)
    ASA - Complete - Blitzer Poleyn (Phsy. dmg. taken -4%, Movement Speed +8%)

    Dynamis: All Clears
    Einherjar: 4/6 feathers

    Mog Safe 80/80
    Storage 80/80
    Mog Locker 80/80
    Mog Satchel 80/80
    Mog Sack 80/80
    Inventory 80/80

    Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black Chocobos

    Jobs: (All jobs @ 90 are fully merited)

    90 Warrior
    90 Dark Knight
    90 Paladin
    90 Bard
    67 White Mage
    66 Red Mage
    66 Beastmaster
    62 Dragoon
    56 Samurai
    51 Dancer
    50 Ranger
    50 Corsair
    50 Ninja
    50 Summoner
    50 Thief

    Merits: (Fully Merited Jobs)

    Max Hp - 8/8
    Strength - 5/5

    Sword - 8/8
    Great Axe - 8/8
    Shield - 4/4

    Singing - 8/8
    Dark Magic - 8/8

    Warrior - Berserk 2/5, Warcry 1/5, Aggressor 2/5, Double Attack Rate 5/5, Warrior's Charge 5/5, Savagery 5/5

    Dark Knight - Last Resort Recast 5/5, Last Resort Effect 5/5, Dark Seal 5/5, Desperate Blows 5/5

    Paladin - Sentential 5/5, Rampart 5/5, Fealty 5/5, Chivalry 3/5, Iron Will 1/5, Guardian 1/5

    Bard - Minuet 5/5, Madrigal 5/5, Nightingale 5/5, Troubadour 5/5

    Artifact Armor:
    Bard 5/5
    Warrior 5/5
    Paladin 5/5
    Dark Knight 5/5

    Relic Armor:
    Warrior 6/6 and Warrior's Mask -1
    Bard 5/6 (No cape)
    Dark Knight 4/6 (No gloves or cape)
    Paladin 3/6 (No cape, body or feet)

    Currently setup for gear sets:


    Main 1: Guichards Axe +2 (Str+9, Att +20)
    Offhand 1:[/URichardet's Axe (Occ. Atk. 2-3 Times)
    Main 2:Vermeil Bhuj (Bonesplitter - 42/50 Glavoid Shells, 15/50 Itzpapa Scales)
    Offhand 2: Uther's Grip

    Warrior TP Set: (has a 26% Haste)
    Champion's Galea, Velocious Belt, Rajas Ring, Keen Ring Timarli Dastanas, Ravager's Calligae +1, Suppanomimi, Twilight Mail, Brutal Earring, Peacock Amulet, Ravager's Cuisses +2, Fire Bomblet, Cavaros Mantle

    Warrior WS Set:
    Twilight Helm, Warrior's Stone, Spiral Ring, Ravager's Mufflers +1, Hecatomb Leggings, Cassie Earring, Twilight Mail, Fowling Earring, Soil Gorget, Byakko's Haidate, Forager's Mantle, Ravager's Orb

    Dark Knight:

    Main: Twilight playerup.com
    OffHand: Uther's Grip

    Dark Knight TP Set: (has 21% haste)
    Bale Burgeonet +1, Velocious Belt, Keen Ring, Timarli Dastanas, Homam Gambieras, Twilight Mail, Brutal Earring, Justice Torque, Homam Cosciales, Fire Bomblet, Aenotherus Mantle

    Dark Knight WS Set:
    Twilight Helm, Warwolf Belt, Spiral Ring, Hecatomb Mittens, Bale Sollerets +1, Ethereal Earring, Twilight Mail, Cassie Earring, Brezze Gorget, Bale Flanchard +1, Flame Bomblet, Forager's Mantle


    Main: Honorbound (Soulsaber: DMG: +7 Delay: -10 Vit+2, Phys Dmg. Taken -2% [Trial 200])
    OffHand: Koenig Shield

    Paladin Utsusemi Set: (has 21% haste)
    Walahra Turban, Velocious Belt, Hercules' Ring, Timarli Dastanas, Ethereal Earring, Loquac. Earring, Nuevo Coselete, Parade Gorget, Creed Cuisses +1, Lamian Kaman, Shadow Mantle, Creed Sabatons +1

    Paladin Provoke/Flash Set:
    Hero's Galea, Creed Baudrier, Hercules' Ring, Iron Ram Dastanas, Dornen Schuhs, Ethereal Earring, Loquac. Earring, Nuevo Coselete, Ritter Gorget, Creed Cuisses +1


    Main 1: Chanter's Staff
    OffHand 1: Quire Grip
    Main 2: Light Staff
    OffHand 2: Bugard Strap +1

    Bard Songs Set:
    Demon Helm +1, Aristo Belt, Nereid Ring, Nereid Ring, Choral Cuffs +1, Oracle's Pigaches, Loquacious Earring, Minstrel's Coat, Musical Earring, Wind Torque, Aoidos' Rhingrave +1, Echo Cape

    Bard Debuff Set:
    Aoidos' Calot +1, Aristo Belt, Omega Ring, Airy Ring, Choral Cuffs +1, Oracle's Pigaches, Loquacious Earring, Augur's Jaseran, Delta Earring, Piper's Torque, Aoidos' Rhingrave +1, Jester's Cape +1

    Bard MP Set:
    Walahra Turban, Aristo Belt, Serket Ring, Vivian Ring, Serpentes Cuffs, Serpentes Sabots, Loquacious Earring, Augur's Jaseran, Delta Earring, Morgana's Choker, Bard's Cannions, Twilight Cape

    .................................................. ............More Pics upon request........................................... ........................
    ~~ Lookin For Offers Gil ONLY~~
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