[WTS] [US] 90 Aegis, Dring, 90x8, 85x7, Maat's cap

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    Bastok: Rank 10
    COP,ToaU,Promathia: complete
    Assault: FL
    WotG: Adieu Lilisette
    Campaign: Starlight Medal
    Crystalline Prophecy: Fin
    Kupo D'etat: Drenched!
    Shantotto Ascension: A Shantotto Ascension
    Abyssea: All expansions
    Cooking: 100
    Fishing: 100+ Ebisu Rod
    Was currently working on Burtgang, traded Einherjar Trophy to npc
    Account has 3 mules:
    2 For alexandrite storage (30,000alexandrite total, worth 150m+)
    1 For gear for other jobs not used at the moment.
    All gear posted here is on main account.
    Lots of atmas, got all the important ones (4+pages) Enough to solo/duo most of the nms inside.

    Got all codes, serials, secret question+answer. Token protected atm.

    Char has like 120k in gil, but has lots of sellables, and 30k alexandrites worth 150m)

    Payment will be through WU and at the buyers expense.

    Direct any questions to PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.