[WTS] [US] 85bst,85war,81pup+++

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    I am looking to sell my alt to get money for a down payment on my masters enrollment.
    Race: Hume Male-Blonde Hair
    Rank 9 Bastok
    CoP=Chapter 8 (ALMOST DONE)
    Zilart=2 Missions from complete (Beastly Earring)
    The account has every single expansion bought and paid for!!

    Abyssea Stone Count=300++ and building!
    Not much has been done in abyssea though(a good starter account)

    150k conquest points
    100k Cuoror

    Crafts=2 at 60, 1 at 68.

    There is a bred chocobo on this account

    Warrior gear:
    Adaman Celata
    Adaman Sollerets
    War Af2 Body
    War Af2 Hands
    War Af2 Feet
    War Af2 L
    Magian Trial Axe(+10% dmg with Keen Edge)
    Blizzard Toppork

    Beastmaster gear:
    Bst Af2 Head
    Bst Af2 Body
    Bst Af2 Hands
    Bst Af2 L
    Bst Af2 Waist
    Beastly Earring
    Guady Harness
    Full Bst Af1

    Puppetmaster gear:
    Pup Af2 Head
    Pup Af2 Body
    Pup Af2 Hands
    Pup Af2 Feet
    Full Af1 (Minus Head)
    Turbo Animator
    (The puppet has every attachment but missing 3)

    There are a lot more items on the account, I will make a list after class, just wanted to get the account up. I'll post 1 screen shot till later.


    Starting Bid is $130
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.