[WTS] [US] 7x 99 jobs + easy money

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    Up for grabs is my personal account. I am the original owner. He is a hume male.

    Here is more info.

    99 sam
    99 war
    99 nin
    99 rng
    99 thf
    99 blm
    99 DRK
    77 rdm
    71 dnc
    48 mnk
    36 whm
    rest under 30

    All skills are mostly over 270

    Have 2 million gil on hand.

    Over 2.5 million cruor

    This account has a lot of money all over.

    Woodworking is 69

    nin has full evasion set + enmity set

    THF, NIN, WAR, SAm are fully merited
    Str capped
    Hp capped

    kirins osode
    byakkos haidate
    blood cuissies
    shura togi
    shura haidate
    shura helm
    scorpion harness
    Ungur boomerang
    Hope torque
    evasion torque
    Boxers mantle
    Brutal earring
    just about all sky gear

    Zilart The Sealed Shrine
    Promathia Dawn
    ToAU Westerly winds
    Assault Private First Class
    Altana Cavernous Maws

    I have no set price. Im just really bored so throwing it up. Throw me a offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.