[WTS] [US] 75x5 Taru M Unstripped TH4

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    Taru male small grey hair
    OO all reg codes
    All expansions (excluding abyssea)
    3 mini expansions completed
    Acct been inactive since early 2010
    current server: bizmark transfer available

    Rank 10 Sandy, Windy

    30k isp / 220k conquest / 318k notes

    Crafts: 100+2 Leathercraft 60 GS 60 Smith 100 Fishing(Ebisu) 60 cloth

    75 Rdm Nin War Blm Thf
    50 Blu War Mnk
    37-49 (all others)

    8mil Gil on hand
    All accesses to all areas


    Main: Ridill, THK, 8/8 HQ staves, x's knife, senji, perdu blade/voulge, byakko's axe, maneater, Diablos's pole, justice sword, joyeuse, seveneyes, hautclaire

    Sub: Genbu's shield, platinum grip+1, pole strap, axe grip, bugard leather strap +1, raptor leather strap +1, astral aspis

    Ranged: ungar boomberang, hedgehog bomb, white tathilum, fire bomblet, bomb core

    Head: Walahra turban, demon helm +1, optical hat, ace's helm

    Neck: justice torque, love torque, faith torque, prudence torque, peacock amulet, elemental/enfeebling torque, uggapleth pendant

    Ears: brutal earring, loquacious earring, musical earring, triumph earring, pixie earring, suppa/ethreal earrings, moldavative earring, roundel earring, communion earringx2
    Body: Adman hauberk, haubergeon +1, arhats head/body +1, errant body, nq weskit, raparee harness, skadi(15/25), scorpion harness +1

    Hands: assassins armlets, dusk gloves +1, alky bracelets,

    Rings: Rajas, jelly ring, flame ring, bomb queen ring, blood bead ring, ulthalmas ring, blood ring

    L: errant l, yigit l, blood cuisses

    Feet: fuma kayahn, fuma sun ate, trotter boots,

    Waist: velocious, swift belt, warwolf belt, steppe sash, hierarch belt, penitent's rope, all sea obi's, lieutenant's sash

    Back: cerb mantle, amemt +1, shadow mantle, aseir mantle, aslan cape, cheviot cape,

    Sets: War af5/5 relic 6/6, rdm af5/5 relic 6/6 nin af 5/5 relic 6/6 thf af 5/5 relic 6/6 blm af 5/5 relic 6/6 Ares 3/5(head, l, hands) usukane 3/5(feet, body l) god-gear4/5(no osode), heca5/5, homam5/5, yigit5/5

    acct has never been warned/banned is currently inactive, is a fantastic account for someone who is trying to learn abyssea or just to have an uber character. starting bid 150.
    happy bidding! also, not looking to whore out the acct
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.