WTS: US: 400ilvl Shaman + 8 85 alts

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    Hello all, I am finally getting bored of WoW, and selling my personal account! This post will just be a quick overview of what characters I have on the account. I encourage all inquiries about the account. I am only accepting Paypal as method of payment. Only accepting offers, only from reputable users.

    Account Overview:
    -Original Owner
    - Personal Full Name on the Account
    - Will provide drivers license if needed
    - CD keys available
    -This account is under the 1 year contract with Blizzard, so you will be receiving Diablo III for free and MoP beta key!
    I will require you to change payment information before giving full access to the account.
    - Can offer restoration/elemental coaching so you can play your new account to the best of your ability!


    Characters Overview:
    Most 85 toons are Horde and on Illidan (PvP) US.

    Illidan- Horde
    Level 85 Orc Shaman
    Level 85 Orc Warrior
    Level 85 Orc Hunter
    Level 85 Orc Death Knight
    Level 85 Tauren Druid
    Level 85 Blood Elf Mage
    Level 85 Blood Elf Paladin
    Level 85 Troll Priest
    Level 81 Blood Elf Rogue
    Level 31 Orc Warlock

    Nordrassil- Horde
    Level 80 Blood Elf Warlock

    Runetotem- Horde
    Level 85 Orc Shaman
    Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin

    ... and various other alts!


    Main character 85 orc (female) shaman has...
    -400 ilvl restoration and 398 ilvl elemental spec. Various OS OS gear like tier pieces and No'kaled for enhancement.
    -10k gold on account.
    -22 titles!
    - 75 pets!
    - 74 mounts!
    -7200+ achievement points
    -310% flying!
    -Enchanting/Leatherworking maxed!
    -Archaeology/Fishing/Cooking maxed!

    - All new and current characters get Heart of the Aspects mount, Celestial Steed, Tyrael's Charger, and Warbot.


    - How much are you asking for the account? I am currently taking offers of over $300; anything less won't be considered.


    Current Bid: $300
    Buyout is set at $400 ( I want to get this sold)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.