WTS: US: 399ilvl Legendary Mage, 395 Battlemaster PvP War, every other class lv82-85 40k gold!

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    Looking to sell my personal account I have had since 2006.
    I will NOT be going first if you don't have significant Rep - so don't waste my time or your own if you are not comfortable with that.

    399 iLvL Troll Fire/Frost Mage for PvE with legendary pulls 70k dps easily (8/8 achieve 1/8 hm)
    PvP set at 394 with 3/5 cataclysmic and rest ruthless - 2k in 3s and rBG
    Max Tailoring and Enchanting
    40.5k gold
    310% flying - Ashes of Alar and Raven Lord and every flying mount achieve in raids since wotlk, Amani War Bear, Skeletal Raptor, Spectral Tiger!
    7k achieves, LOTS of titles/pets/mounts

    395 iLvL Orc Arms/Fury Warrior for PvP 2200 2s, 2k 3s/5s/rBGs - Battlemaster title! (Exalted with AV/WSG, Revered with AB - very close)
    389 PvE set for fury, 380 prot set
    310% flying - Raven Lord, Glad netherwing drake from TBC, few other drakes/all PvP mounts from honor, Amani War Bear (original)
    Max BS and JC

    Also have EVERY other class between level 82 and 85
    Other 85's include Rogue, Shaman, and Druid
    Rogue has 382 ilvl with 1st stage legendary daggers and about 90 shadow gems, decent PvP set like 3.8k resil some 384 ruthless and vicious, max skin/LW/Archaelogy
    Shaman and Druid are around 370ilvl (no PvP gear) both have max herb/alch

    Lots of transmog gear since vanilla, especially on mage, warrior, and priest including t1-t6 and legendaries - rogue has offhand glaive too.

    As I said I am OO and have had this account since 2006. Also, as previously stated, I will NOT be going first unless you have serious rep so if this is not okay with you or this post was TLDR then honestly I don't want you having the account. I have put a lot of time and effort into this account. If you would like to purchase the account the price will depend on your WoW experience and any other reason I think you would be a good fit for the account - that doesn't mean I'll be selling it overly cheap in any circumstance.

    Please post here and PM me for more info. or my AIM/e-mail/phone contact info. - otherwise I will ignore you, I am not dealing with shady people. Thanks.
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