WTS: US: 2x WTS: US: Cata Accounts with Great Chars!

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    Account 1: Both of these toons on this accounts have lots of awesome mounts, and titles!
    85 LvL Orc Hunter, Has X-52 Flying rocket, max riding speed, Maxed Enchanting, 450lvl Mining, Flying Kite Pet, and much more!
    85 LvL Orc DK, Has max riding speeds, Maxed Jewelcrafting, Maxed Alchemy, Full DPS and Full Tank Set, Heroic Raid READY!

    Account 2: Alot of good quality chars with lots extras!
    85 LvL Blood Elf Paladin, Max riding speed, Max Engineering, Max Alchemy, Normal Raid Tank ready, and alt DPS set ready
    82 LvL Tauren Druid, Max riding speed, Max Mining, Max Herbing, this char is setup for farming, Has fastest druid swift flight form!
    80 LvL Orc Hunter
    80 LvL Orc Warrior, Has 450 Blacksmith and Mining
    80 LvL Undead Warlock, Has Max flying, 440 Tailoring, 450 Jewelcrafting

    Also 20k Gold between the two accounts.

    PM me your best offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.