[WTS] ULTIMATE LVL 30 collector account 52k IP, 2.9k rp, ALL CHAMPS, 90+ skins

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    I am quitting gaming forever; and this is one of the last of my accounts to go. I am looking to sell this AND USE THE MIDDLE MAN SERVICE.. been burned in the past .. don't want it to happen again. Bidding will go on until friday; min bid is 200$ Account specifics: Wins Normal: 700+ 1300ish Elo with 373 wins only 13 leaves, no warnings, no bans ALL CHAMPIONS (as of 9 April) 51k+ IP (I will probably play some more games before it sells.. so maybe be 52kish 10 RUNE PAGES TONS of RUNES allready rune highlights include (all listed are tier 3) RED 9x 1.7% attack speed 9x 1.7 Armor pend 9x 2.2% crit damage 9x .93% crit chance 10x .91 armor 9x .95 physical damage 9x .95 Magic Pen YELLOW 9x 1.08 Health Per level 8x .76% attack speed 9x 1.2 mana regen per level 9x .75% dodge 9x 1.9 Ability per level 9x .78% crit damage 9x 21 Mana at level 18 9x .42% crit chance 9x .63 ener regen /5 9x 2.0 health regen / 5 9x 1.4 armor 7x .43 physical damage BLUE 9x .57 magic pen 9x 2.2 Energy 9x .64 Attack Speed 9x .96% cd per level 9x 3.1 Abil power at level 18 9x .56% crit damage 9x +11 mana 9x +26 mana at level 18 8x .28% crit chance 9x .99 Abil power 9x .70 armor 9x 1.5 Magic Resist QUINTS 3x 4.95 abil power 3x 3.4% attack speed 3x 3.3 Armor pen 3x -1.64% Cd 3x +26 health 3x 4.5% crit dmg 3x 1.9 Magic Pen 4x +75 mana at level 18 3x +1.95% crit chance 3x 4.5 physical damage at lvl 18 3x 4.3 armor 3x 1.5% move speed BUT LOADS OF SKINS: 92.. if i counted correctly including multiple rare and legendary skins Akali: Crimson, Stinger, Nurse, All-star Alistar: Matador Amumu: Re-Gifted, Pharoh Anivia: Bird of Prey Annie: Goth, Red riding hood Ashe: Frejord, Sherwood Forest, Woad Blitz: Boom Boom Caitlyn: Sheriff, Resistance ChoGath: Nightmare Corki: Hot Rod Ezreal: Frosted Fiddle: Bandito GP: spooky Garen: Desert Trooper Gragas: Santa Heimer: Piltover, Alien Irelia: Nightblade Janna: Tempest Jarvan: Commando, Dragon Slayer Jax: PAX JAX karthus: Grim Reaper, Statue of Lib Kassassdin: Deep One Kat: Red Card! Kayle: Unmasked Kennen: karate, Swamp KogMaw: Reindeer, Caterpillar, Sonoran LeSin: Acolyte, Traditional Lux: Spellthief, sorceress Malphite: Coral Reef Malzahar: Vizier Maokai: Charred, totemic yi: Chosen, Ionia Miss fortune: Candy Cane, Waterloo, Cowgirl Mordekesier: Pentakill, Dragon Knight, Infernal Morgana: Sinful, Exiled Nasus: Galactic Nid: Pharaoh, French maid Nocturne: Frozen Terror, void Olaf: Forsaken Pantheon: persusus Poppy: ragdoll Renekton: Galactic, outback Ryze: Tribal, Uncle Shaco: mad hatter, Shen: frozen Singed: Riot Squad Sion: Hextech Sona: Muse, Pentakill Swain: Bilgewater, Northern Front Taric: Armor of the fifth age Teemo: Astronaut!, Badger Trist: riot girl TF: The Magnificent Twitch: Gangster, Kingpin Udyr: Black Belt Urgot: Butcher, Crab Veigar: Greybeard Vlad: Nosferatu Xin: Commando, Imperial Ziliean: Groovy
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