WTS UBER Lord of the Rings Online Accounts! MUST SEE!

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    Account 1 (The Uber One): $1500+ OFFERS PLEASE! Brandywine Server (Best Server With The Largest Population). Life Time Subscription Worth ($200.00) (You will never have to pay to play on this account). Founder Account, Active Since Closed Beta (Best Vet Rewards) Complete With Mines Of Moria Expansion. This account comes with far to much to list. Feel free to email me any questions. Main Characters: Level 60 Hunter (Elf Male) Which Is A Master Cook! Level 60 Captain (Human Male) Which Is A Master Armorsmith! Level 60 Burgular (Human Male) Which Is A Supreme Master Prospector & Weaponsmith! Alt Characters: Level 51 Lore Master (Human Male) Which Is A Master Forester, Prospector & Tailor! Level 44 Rune Keeper (Dwarf Male) Which Is A Master Scholar! Level 36 Guardian (Dwarf Male) Which Is A Artasian Woodworker! 1 Character Slot Open So You Can Creat What You Like! All Main Characters Come With Full Sets Of Top End Armor & Jewllery Aswell As Legendary Weapons. They all Have Horses (Even The Alts). All Their Inventorys Are Full Of Great Items Aswells As Their Vaults And Their House. 6+ Gold Of In-Game Money! All Book Quests Complete Except For Book 15 Where You Get Some Amazing Loot! Characters Come With Real Names And Not Stupid Words Put Together. Good Standing In All Areas! The Account Comes With An Amazing 134500 Destiny Points Which Is More The Anyone Has And You Can Do Some Amazing Things With That Amount! This Is A Real Sale. The Accounts Are NOT Banned Nor Have They Ever Been Suspended Or Warned! Monster Play Characters: Rank 8 Creep (Max Rank 9). One Of The Best PvP Characters On The Server! 2x Rank 4 Creeps Both Great PvP Characters To Practice On.
Thread Status:
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